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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Open Tree – Legends & Tall Tales #1

We’re back with another Indie Spotlight today as we take a look at the soon to be released Assailant Comics series, Open Tree – Legends & Tall Tales. The author Chris Charlton was the same person who wrote the Black Of Heart series that I enjoyed so I was looking forward to giving this new book a read. Open Tree is an anthology series made up of one shots focusing around love but filtered through strange and fantastic elements. Each issue will be drawn by different artists but Charlton will remain on board as writer throughout.


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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: The Zone Continuum


ritual promo Good morning, Evil Geeks!!! All too often, we use our Evil powers for personal gain or some good old fashioned, senseless, destruction. Let’s ignore those evil impulses for once and let’s use our power to help get something CREATED for a change.  Since we’re so passionate about comics, why not get a comic book passion project launched?!?!?  Today we’re going to be talking The Zone Continuum by Bruce Zick. With our help, we can help get the latest incarnation of Bruce’s project off the ground and right into our comic loving hearts!

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No One Escapes the Evil Lair: Catching Up With Those Who Dared Enter

viewerHey there, Evil Geeks! In the time that we’ve been around, quite a few folks have passed through the front door of the Evil Lair. Between podcast guests, interviewees, review subjects and guest writers, we’ve played host to an ever growing list of new friends and acquaintances.  Almost 63% of those who’ve entered our sanctum sanctorum have lived to tell the tale and have even gone on to continue working on their passion projects.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the latest works from some of the people who’ve been kind enough to spend some time with us and share their works.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Mandala


Hey there, Evil Geeks. Remember a few years back when everyone was all on edge because according to some ancient Mayan prophecy, the world was allegedly supposed to end in 2012? Seeing as how we’re all still here, I’m guessing that whole thing never really panned out like it was supposed to.  What if that failure of prophecy wasn’t the fault of some sub-par, half-assed Mayan soothsayer, but because humanity has been secretly enslaved by a group of time-hopping, interdimensional demonic entities? That’s the supposition taken by the subject of today’s Evil Geek Book Report, Mandala, from Dark Horse Comics, written by Stuart Moore (X-Men Origins, Spider-Man) featuring art by Bruce Zick (Thor).

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: RoboChuck

We just paid the hell out of the electric bill Evil Geeks, so we’re legally allowed to flip on the Indie Spotlight again! For the past few years a battle unseen by human eyes has been playing out between classes of a society many of us glimpse every single day, yet we still have no clue of their existence. Scores of us have already chosen sides without even knowing it! Who are these conflicting social strata you ask? The clash I refer to is the one between traditional two-dimensional cartoons and their modern-day 3D computer generated successors. Today we’re delving into the burgeoning rift between old school and new school toons as we take a look at RoboChuck from creator Chris Callahan of TurtleBunny Productions.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Merrick: The Sensational Elephant Man

1014000_250143381826967_1436045792_nThe Indie Spotlight burns brightly today Evil Geeks, for it is comic time once again in the Evil Lair!  Today we’re taking a trip back to Victorian England for an occult tinged tale revolving around a character you normally wouldn’t think of as an “action hero”.  Merrick: The Sensational Elephant Man, written by Tom Ward and featuring art by Luke Parker, is story who’s main character is an actual historical person, whose unique nature ensured that the world would know his name still today, over a century after his death.  What if the grotesque appearance of Joseph Merrick, better known to the world at large as The Elephant Man, was not just a curse, but also a blessing as well? What if Merrick’s deformities came with superhuman abilities? Would a man who has known no other life besides being a freakish carnival attraction be willing to stick his neck out to save his fellow man? Ward and Parker paint a picture of a man who’s spent his life being mocked, ridiculed, beaten and generally just been shat upon his whole life, adapting both physically and mentally to his downtrodden life to become something greater.

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