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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Wart


It’s time to brush the dust off the Indie Spotlight, Evil Geeks! We’re back with a brand new review today that’s sure to satisfy your hunger for monsters and bizarro craziness. Today the Indie Spotlight shines on Wart, a Lovecraftian tale of a tortured soul ewho’d do just about anything to get a good night’s sleep. Anything that is except step up to the challenge ahead of him. Wart is written by Chris Welsh with art by Ammar Al-Chalabi.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: The Disease

the disease

If there is one thing you all should know about me by now, it’s that my entire existence depends on whether or not I am prepared for a zombie outbreak. We all know it’s going to happen eventually, so we might as well all be prepared. Anyone can train and gather supplies, but it takes a harder person to be able to jam a rod through the brain of one of your family members. That is something we may all have to deal with one day. Zombie comics and everything else under the Z banner have sort of become training manuals nowadays in terms of giving you a sort of preview of what’s to come in the future, but what if you weren’t able to retain everything you have learned in terms of zombies and what to do during an outbreak? The new book by James Mulholland seeks to let us know.

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No One Escapes the Evil Lair: Kickstarting Under the Flesh #2


Happy Sunday, Evil Geeks! It’s our first Sunday without a brand new episode of The Walking Dead to ease us back into the work week, but that shouldn’t mean that it’ll be a zombie-free or comic book-free day. In fact, it’s quite a good day to take a look back at one of our old Indie Spotlight subjects and help the creators keep on creating by helping them raise some funds so they can make more comics!

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Jorund

Welcome one and welcome all to another edition of the Indie Spotlight. I, of course, am your devourer of souls and filler of holes (ladies) Arthur Harkness, and today I bring to you something that is right up my alley. As most of you know, I am a huge fan of anything and everything that has to do with my adopted ancestral Norsemen, going so far as to leave dishes of cod oil out on my front doorstep every night….just in case. When C-Mart said he was given something that would get my blood going, I immediately thought he was given some goat’s blood or some sort of human sacrifice, unfortunately that was not the case, but fortunately it was something that I would enjoy. Ladies and Gentlemen, come with me as we take a look at a new indie comic titled Jorund by James Mulholland with art by Julio Falkenhagen. Make sure to bring a change of clothes too, as this one is going to be somewhat bloody…like most of my dates.

jorund 1

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Under the Flesh


Hello again Evil Geeks, it’s time for your regular dose of non-major company goodness! Today the blazing beam of the Indie Spotlight is illuminating Under the Flesh from Escape Comics . Written by Gilbert Deltres accompanied by the art of J.L. Giles, Under the Flesh gives us a tale of survival horror with a twinge of superheroism blended in. It’s the tale of a group of survivors trying to outlast a zombie outbreak, with one of the members of the group being basically just a few stars and stripes away from being Captain America. Grab your zombie killing boots Geekites and let’s get to re-killing us some damn dirty undead!

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: The Lion & the Unicorn

The-Lion-and-the-UnicornThe Indie Spotlight burns bright today Evil Geeks, as we’re tearing open the treasure chest of internet submissions! Our selection this fine Sunday, The Lion & the Unicorn, comes to us by way of the UK from creator Ash Pure. It’s a tale of royal scheming and a scramble for the throne of the fictional kingdom of Albion. Think “Game of Thrones”, but with superpowers in lieu of swords!

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