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The Con is ON! The Boston Comic Con That Is…

Hey there Evil Geeks!  After the tragedy at the Boston Marathon back in April, you may recall that the Boston Comic Con was scheduled for the same week.  At the time, the manhunt was still on for the suspects and understandably the con had to be canceled.  We recorded a special podcast back at the time to talk about all of the craziness going on at that week, which was a rare moment of seriousness for the Evil Geeks.  Turning to the bright side of things with the horror of that event finally behind us and the surviving culprit in prison, the show can finally go on.  This Saturday and Sunday the Boston Comic Con returns and along with it, so too shall the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks! To celebrate the event, we’re giving away a SWEET PRIZE but since we’re Evil, we’re going to make you work for it!  What can we say? Getting people to do our bidding really does it for us.

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First Annual Halloween Costume Contest Results

Thanks to everybody who submitted a picture for our first Halloween Contest! Proving once again that Halloween truly is the nerdiest of all holidays.

The Evil Geeks First Annual Halloween Costume Contest

Hello out there to our wonderful geeky readership. With our favorite holiday, Halloween only a week away things are started to heat up in our evil lair. Things are being thrown, garments are being sewn and drinks have been spilled (no blood yet, but we aren’t promising) as we are getting our own costumes ready for this Halloween. Our Comic Con cosplay pictures have been very popular with the readers out there so we thought of a way to get you guys involved. We are officially kicking off the Evil Geeks First Annual Halloween Costume Contest!

So what does that mean? Well as you get ready for the impending Holiday by no doubt getting drunk this weekend and showing off your newly acquired Thriller dance moves. Think about us, your favorite Evil Geeks. Snap a picture of your costume and send on over to us at:

After November 1st, we will be posting our favorite recipients. Where your excellent costume can live on forever within the pages of the interweb. So what are you waiting for and get those iPhones moving!!

Oh and our winners might just be sharing page space with the Halloween costumes of the Brotherhood…


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