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The Things I Do For Comics – Deathstroke (2014) #1

2014-11-06 12-12-30

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…

A few weeks back I stopped into my local comic shop to grab my weekly pull list and a friend of mind recommended I take a look at the shitshow that is the newly relaunched Deathstroke series. You see, he knows that I love awful movies and tacky art in an ironic sort of way, and this one seriously took me by surprise. So here I am , suited up once more to dredge through the sewer line that is the New 52.

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The Things I Do For Comics – Spider-Man/Badrock

I consider my fellow BOEG writer Biff Tannen a friend. Really, I do. We’ve known one another quite a while and he’s a rather agreeable chap. So, when that cold-hearted bastard suggested I read Spider-Man/Badrock for my next installment in this series, I was understandably upset.

Cover 1a

I mean,  fuck that guy, right?

You see, we recently sat down and watched The Image Revolution and while it was an interesting and well-made documentary, and certainly informative regarding the events surrounding the formation of image, it simply did not probe the human psyche for the reasons WHY people wanted these books. I’ve read some god awful books in my day, as regular readers of this column know, but some of the stuff that came out of 90s Image makes Force Works #1  look like motherfucking Watchmen.

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The Things I Do For Comics – The Mighty Marvel Superheroes’ Cookbook

So often, when I set down to write an installment in this series of articles, I do so without joy. Then again, that’s the very idea of the column; I put my sanity on the line to read the worst of the worst so that you fair readers never have to. I suppose you could say that I’m a hero, sure… but I don’t do it for the glory, I do it because if I don’t no one will. This week, however, I stumbled across a bit of history that was delightfully dreadful, and I want the rest of the world to see it in all of its glory… or at least a few dozen people.


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The Things I Do For Comics – Joker’s Daughter


Upon reading an installment of “The Things I Do For Comics”, friend of the Brotherhood Rex Mason  suggested I review a very recent comic.  While I normally stick to the “classic” awful comics of the 1990s, I am not one to turn down a challenge, so I begrudgingly accepted his suggestion of…


You may know also it as Batman: The Dark Knight 23.4


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The Things I Do For Comics – Spawn/Batman

As I’ve proven in the past few installments of this series, my gluttony for punishment knows no bounds.  But I have perhaps been taking some cheap shots at some easy targets… going after the low hanging fruit.  I mean, Extreme Justice can be accurately judged on its name alone.  So today I’ve decided to set my sights on a high profile book created by two of the biggest names in 90s comics, starring two of the day’s most popular characters!  It’s…



And it’s soooo goddamn long.

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The Things I Do For Comics – Force Works #1

UGHHHH…. Here we are again at The Things I Do For Comics, taking a look another low point in the history of the medium. Today’s selection was very difficult on my psyche. In fact, ever since I was suggested to me in the comments of the previous installment, I think I’ve been suffering from clinical depression. I haven’t shaved, I’ve eaten nothing but ramen noodles, and I’ve been lounging in bed in my underwear dreading this review.  Have you ever had a friend who’s been going through a rough patch, and you ask politely if there’s anything you can do for them and sure enough there actually is? That’s kind of how I feel about this.  When I asked for reader suggestions for future terrible comics, I was surprised to see one pop up… this meant two things:

A) Someone actually read my article?

B) I owe it to this person to actually read this dreadful book!

And that’s how I ended up reading…


Force Works Cover

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