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5 Things They Had Better Get Right in the New Dead Pool Movie (with lots of GIFs)

Dead Pool 1988 Logo

I was skimming through headlines early this week in the wake of San Diego Comic Con, and I glimpsed an article about test footage for a planned Dead Pool movie featuring a previously unseen version of the character, reportedly more  in keeping with his traditional portrayal.  I guess the video was taken down before I got a chance to watch it but here are the five things we NEED to see in this remake of the classic 1988 installment in the Dirty Harry series.

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Let Me Put My Suggestions in You – Rob Liefeld Edition

No, you didn’t misread that title, I’ve got a Liefeld-related recommendation for ya’ll.  Now, allow me to first put all of my cards on the table; This is not a legitimate suggestion of a Rob Liefeld project. No, I come to you this day to hip you to a twitter account that has brought me endless laughter over the last year and change since I discovered it.

Rob Liefeld is a famous man in the comic book world. And he’s famous in an El Guapo sort of way, which is to say INfamous.  However, he’s hasn’t exactly achieved mainstream celebrity (unless you count a certain Levi’s commercial) so it wasn’t too difficult for a hilarious internet prankster to grab Liefeld’s name on Twitter before the …artist… could get it for his own. So, if you’re looking for the dude who did X-Force on Twitter, you’ll wanna follow @RobertLiefeld. If you’re looking for laughs, follow @ROBLIEFELD.  And I have no affiliation with this parody account, I’m just a huge fan.


So goddamn extreme

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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Bill Burr and The Podcast Community

Welcome back fuckfaces! I’m just kidding. You all know I love you….in the most platonic yet moist of ways. Recently I’ve acquired an absolute obsession with podcasts featuring stand up comedians and have been trudging through YouTube and iTunes grabbing up every one I possibly can, which is tough because the art of the podcast has blown up significantly in recent times. There’s so many that you can literally listen for near eternity and not get through every one, but this works for me because I honestly need something to keep me entertained…otherwise Arthur gets listless, and when I get listless, shit starts going downhill. Anyways, enough about that, and more about this.

burr podcast

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Arthur Harkness Presents: Bo Burnham’s What

bo title

Guys……I’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time. Welcome ladies and gents to a very special and very handsome post by yours truly. Stand up comedy has been something of wild beast to me in my years. When I was a kid, I strayed in and out of stand up mainly because I was a kid and didn’t know any better,  but it blossomed into a full on romance as I got older. I won’t even name names to be honest, because that would be taking away from the focus of this article, but we’ll say that I have a pretty broad base of stand up preferences. A few years ago, 4 I believe, I was up late on a Friday, and they were playing the repeat of the Bo Burnham Comedy Central Presents special, and I decided to catch it, merely for the sake of nothing else being on. That was the beginning of an awkward love affair between Bo and I, one which I am sure he is unaware of.

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Paulo Pinta Presents: Six Reasons Why Sylvester Stallone Has Broken Out of Prison

 Hey there Evil Geek’s, here’s a companion piece to the Stallone Film Society’s Tango & Cash podcast and their Demolition Man podcast also, fresh from the mind of Paulo Pinta.


Sylvester Stallone is the man. He made the name Sylvester cool again. Before him it was reserved for cats with speech impediments. His movies are full of men with awesomely ridiculous names-Marion Cobretti, Lincoln Hawk, Deke DeSilva-a name I couldn’t write without being spell checked a thousand times-and many many more. Regardless of the characters name, Sly, who also writes many of his movies, likes to put many of his characters in a similar situation-the prison break. Sylvester Stallone likes to break out of prison, that’s all there is to it. And odds are he’s going to do it again. Here are six reasons why Sylvester Stallone has broken out of prison:

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10 Things I Love About Spider-Man

I recently embarked on a mission to read the entire run of The Amazing Spider-Man. Over my years as a comic fan, I’ve read a fair-sized chunk of them, but this time through I want to tackle them in chronological order.

AF 15 Cover

And then I says to myself, I says, “Marshy, my boy, you write for a pop culture website! Why on Earth wouldn’t you write about this project so the world, or at least a very small cross-section of the world’s population can see it?”. And then I said back to myself, I said, “Geez, relax. I was gonna do that anyway. Go have a cigarette or something.”… and it went on like this.



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