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Brovember Day 30 – Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig

On this, the final day of Brovember, let us look back on the friendships we’ve explored. Whether these friendships were pulled from the pages of a book, snatched from the silver screen, or just a weekly bro-down on a TV series, they all shared one notable feature; The characters features in these pairings were fictional. Well, that is not the case with this, our last entry into the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Brovember Hall of Fame. There is no denying the real world existence of…

Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig

Henry and Glenn 5

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Brovember Day 29 – Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Savor the sweet taste of Brovember, for it is fleeting! And like the McRib, it won’t be back for quite some time.

Today’s entry in the Brovember Hall of Fame comes from the greatly underrepresented world of DC Comics! We’ve had a good number of Marvel bromances so far this month, but we’ve as yet failed to touch upon the main continuity of the Distinguished Competition (Preacher was published by the Vertigo imprint). And while this one isn’t exactly Batman and Superman in terms of brand recognition, the depths of the friendship explored today make the Batcave look like an anthill in comparison. Naturally, I’m speaking of that wonderful duo…


Blue and Gold 1

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Brovember 28 – Shaun and Ed

I think you evil geek followers know by now that both C-Mart and Lilith here are huge fans of the Cornetto Trilogy. And while there are some great bromances encountered through all of them, just like the movies overall I find that in Shaun of the Dead to be my favorite: that between Shaun and Ed. Ed, the hopeless, unemployed, loser roommate, and Shaun the lost, needy, yet loyal best friend.


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Brovember 27 – Fezzik and Inigo

Most people think of romance when they think of The Princess Bride, being that it is such a timeless love story. However, I find myself enjoying the bromance more than the relationship between Buttercup and Westley. The bromance of course being between two of the best characters of the story: Fezzik and Inigo Montoya.

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Brovember Day 26 – ¡Three Amigos!

Before we get moving on today’s Brovember spotlight, a word of warning:  If you are a prude and only acknowledge a traditional “two man” bromance, this is not your day.  Turn back now, because today we break ground with Brovember’s first THREE-WAY BROMANCE! Three men whose friendship blossomed in the arid desert of Mexico. These three men, these “amigos” if you will, are known as:

Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms, and Ned Nederlander

Three Amigos 1

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Brovember 25 – Brian and Stewie


While Brian and Stewie might be reluctant to admit that they have an epic bromance between the two of them, these two are sidekicks for everything. And no, it’s nothing like your typical kid and his dog relationship. And while Brian is supposed to be the adult role-model for the two, he spends most of his sloshed so that Stewie has to save the two. That being said, these two have travelled the world together.

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