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Let the revolution begin!

Fire is catching! In case you missed it (which is completely understandable since it premiered on MTV’s Movie Awards last night) the first trailer for the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, is officially out! What are you waiting for? Go, click, now!

Phew! Talk about exciting! There’s a lot going on in this trailer, but don’t worry, I’m here to break it down for you. Be warned, there is some book talk below the cut, as well as speculation on the movie itself. But if you haven’t read the books by now…we can’t be friends anymore.

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A Shipper’s Guide to Supernatural Season 8

If you aren’t a Supernatural fan, or you’re behind on Supernatural, or you would like to watch it at some point in time and remain unspoiled until then…I’d advise staying away from Tumblr for the near future. The show just returned from hiatus with episode 8.17, “Goodbye Stranger.” In the aftermath of a new Supernatural episode, the fandom comes out in droves to squee, complain, argue, hate on each other, and give group fandom hugs. All at the same time. And last night’s episode? It was a doozy.

Season 8 has been the most talked-about season  of the show since season 5. The new showrunner has revived the show from its floundering (and somewhat disappointing) last two seasons—not only has the show moved out of the Friday night death slot for this season, it’s also been renewed for season 9. What was once “the little show that could” is now winning People’s Choice Awards (if you care about that sort of thing), while the fans take over the internet by force whether you want to see them or not. Even if you don’t follow Supernatural blogs, my guess is you could pick the two Winchester boys out of a lineup.

I’m sure you must be asking, “But Lady Lumos, if the show is doing so well, what are the fans arguing about?” Sometimes it’s a simple matter of not being able to please everyone—if there’s a Dean-centric episode, the Sam fans will not be happy, and vice versa. I personally love both boys equally, but that seems to be a rare trait in this particular fandom.

But the biggest problem within the Supernatural fandom is far too easy to pinpoint: Ship Wars. If you’re not sure what a ship is, I feel bad for you. Take a moment to consult Urban Dictionary and get back to me. I’ll wait.

There are two main ships in Supernatural, and while I may personally prefer one over the other, I’ll take no side here. I will simply point out the simple fact that both are pretty messed up, if you think about it. And the probability of either of them becoming canon on the show is a resounding zero. But that won’t stop either side from shipping so fiercely that I’ve never really seen the likes of it anywhere else. These shippers are Serious with a capital S. If you delve into either ship tag on Tumblr (which I wouldn’t recommend doing at work, or when there are sane people in the room), you’ll find equal amounts porn, thoughtful meta, and hate from the other shippers. Why can’t we all just get along?

I can’t answer that question for the Supernatural fandom. But I can give the rest of you some reasons why people love these ships so much. Follow me into the rabbit hole, if you dare.


Supernatural: Where all your gay fantasies almost come true!

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Best Geeky Couples Of All Time

If you don’t have a Valentine of your own on this day of flowers and chocolate and cheesy Hallmark cards, fear not, the Evil Geeks have your back. To curb your soul-crushing loneliness, here’s a list of some of the best couples known to geekdom. Chin up, geeks. If Peter Parker can get the girl, so can you!

Speaking of Spidey, let’s start the list off with one of the most iconic movie kisses, between Peter and MJ. Not only do these two have the epic comic-book love that we all dream of, they redefined the romantic kiss in the rain. Now it’s just not the same if one of the two kissing parties isn’t upside down.

Girls love a guy in spandex.

Girls love a guy in spandex.

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How to survive the ‘Sherlock’ hiatus–a guide.

Parting is such sweet sorrow…especially when parted from your favorite show for as long as us Sherlockians have been. The last episode of BBC’s Sherlock season 2 aired in January of last year, leaving fans in suspense and tears for what has to be a record of a hiatus. Sure, the show’s lead stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, are off being awesome filming The Hobbit (which they are both in), and Star Trek: Into Darkness (featuring Benedict as the villain), but is that really an excuse to keep us waiting for so long? Production of season 3 is said to start filming in March of this year, with a release date sometime in late 2013 or early 2014.

How exactly do they expect us to wait for so long? Fear not, the Evil Geeks have your back. Below are 30 ways to survive the worst hiatus known to mankind. Be warned, this list includes spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

Come back to me, 221b.

Come back to me, 221b.

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More zombies? Yes, please!

I’ve had my eye on the World War Z movie, though I’ve sadly never read the book (it’s on my to-read list). The trailer looks nothing short of AWESOME. Check it out:

The movie stars Brad Pitt who, like him or not, has proven he’s a good choice for an action flick. I still have wet dreams about his swordfights in Troy, but that’s really neither here nor there. Lost‘s Matthew Fox also graces the cast list, and I always love seeing alums from my favorite show pop up. I’m most excited for the appearance of Mireille Enos, who played the lead role in AMC’s cancelled show The Killing.

If you never saw that show, stop what you are doing and log into Netflix right now (after you’re done reading this article, of course). It is two seasons of epicness, and Enos kicks so much ass as Detective Sarah Linden. In World War Z she plays Brad Pitt’s wife, so I’m not sure how much ass-kicking we’ll get to see her do. Hopefully she’ll at least kill a zombie or two.

Speaking of zombies, I’m happy to see something new from this trailer, rather than the typical slow, shambling zombies of The Walking Dead variety. These zombie mobs look like something out of Katamari, and I, for one, am hoping to see a giant ball of zombies rolling around picking up other zombies.

What do you geeks think about the trailer? Excited? Lukewarm? Sick of Brad Pitt? Let us know in the comments!

30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 21

Today’s Novembeard features one of the most badass beards in all of geekdom, a beard fitting of the Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.

Holy pectorals, Batman.

According to the Dothraki way, a warrior’s hair is chopped off when they’re defeated in battle. Drogo, being the biggest pimpdaddy of them all, has the longest hair. If only the Dothraki beards worked the same way.

Who knew a ponytail could be so manly?

The beard itself is pretty sweet, decorated with gold baubles as befits a Khal. It certainly adds to the badass look, though as we all know, Drogo is a softy at heart. I have yet to meet a female Game of Thrones fan that doesn’t swoon every time he calls Dany “moon of my life.” You know, once you get past the forced marriage and the rape. They are still my favorite couple of the series, but I’m a sucker for tragic romances.

I’m not crying…it’s just raining on my face.

I’m going to learn Dothraki now, in memory of Khal Drogo and his epic beard. I’m pretty sure there’s just a lot of screaming and grunting involved, right? I’ll even ride a horse to make it more authentic.

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