Cosplay Corner: TheFiveWits Wig Review – Ruby Gotham Hero

Hey there Evil Geeks! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood Nana Darling (or the artist formerly known as Undiesofwondy, depending on how long you’ve been following me on here and social media) here to talk to you all about some important cosplay business!

With convention season about to be in full swing, I thought it might be nice to let you all know about my new go-to places to get essential cosplay supplies. For me, wigs are one of the most important aspects of cosplay. Wigs are essential in completing your look and allow you to take the final step of transformation into your intended character. Conversely, a wig can also ruin your entire cosplay; cheap wigs not only show up poorly on camera, but tangle easily and can bother you all day, and tarnish your convention experience as a whole.

Picking the right wig for you is super important! I’ve tried lots of different companies’ wigs before, but one company I feel I can always trust when it comes to the perfect wigs for my cosplays is TheFiveWits Wigs. I was lucky enough to be chosen as an ambassador in their sponsorship program recently, and was sent one of their wigs to take photos in and post a review for. Full disclosure, though, I’ve been such a fan of their wigs before becoming a sponsored cosplayer, so this review is 100% honest and truthful to my thoughts on the product.

Before I jump into my review of the wig I was sent by TheFiveWits, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate how their website is designed. You can search for wigs by style, color and even by series! It makes it really easy to find character specific wigs. They also have awesome sales going on a lot of the time, and they ship really quickly as well.

Alright! Now, moving on to my thoughts on the wig I was sent, the Ruby Gotham Hero. The first thing I noticed was the color. It is super vibrant, but not cheesy looking. It’s the perfect color for either a Batwoman or Batgirl, and could even work for a number of other characters. It’s a very rich red, and a color that I’ve been looking for in order to accommodate many of the characters I cosplay.

The wig also has very bouncy and full curls! When I wore it on Saturday night at Katsucon, I got so many compliments on how realistic the curls looked, and how voluminous the wig was as a whole. The curls stayed intact throughout my night, and did not get tangled at all, even though I was dancing, sweating and moving around quite a bit.

The wig cap was comfortable as well, not too tight and stayed put even without bobby pins in the wig. The fibers of the wig itself were also very soft and had a shine to it, but not in the way that makes it look fake or super synthetic.

The only complaint I had about this wig was very oddly specific, I wish that it was parted differently, since to me the part looked a little awkward on my head. This could also be due to the size and shape of my head, and probably isn’t something that everyone would notice, I also kind of wish that this wig had some bangs, but that’s just my personal preference as well!

Overall, I’d recommend this wig and many others from the FiveWits because the quality of the product and the fact that you definitely get your money’s worth in terms of re-wearing them without tons of maintenance is 100% worth the cost of these wigs. Also, since they’re pre-styled, sometimes even to portray certain characters, it makes so much less work for me to do, and I can relax and enjoy the cosplay process more. The wigs are also fairly priced and the company often ships very quickly, at least to me, because I believe we’re close in distance. I’ve heard good things from others who live farther away as well, so I think it’s a safe bet to claim that The Five Wits Wigs is a great company to choose from if you’re looking to add the perfect finishing touch to any cosplay!

You can check them out at their website, or on their Instagram here.

Thanks for reading, Evil Geeks! Happy cosplaying

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