Evil Geeks TV: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Ok, serious question folks, how in the hell have one of my fellow geeks not written about this show yet?!?! We’re seeing more and more reboots and remakes these days, so I had low expectations for this prequel, especially since capturing Jim Henson’s perfect puppets and the feeling you got watching them as a child is hard to replicate, but somehow, they did it.


Speaking of childhood nostalgia, have any of you also been insanely disappointed in reliving your favorite childhood shows only to realize they don’t do it for you now? Sometimes I am legit scared to rewatch something I loved since I don’t want to ruin the amazing feelings I get remembering the show or movie how I thought it was. Now I actually saw the original Dark Crystal when I was in my twetnties, but being a fan of the Muppets and other Jim Henson creations as a child I found that I enjoyed that movie as an adult. Still, much like CGI has ruined or overdone certain stories (enter the Hobbit series when compared to LOTR) I was worried this new prequel would be overdone and unenjoyable. My friends were raving about it on social media and I thought it would not be worth the hype, but thankfully I was wrong.


Now if I could sum up this series in one word, it would be beautiful. The art, the puppets, the creatures, they are truly magical, and numerous scenes are just stunning to watch. There are the rare occasions when watching these little puppet people run looks comical, but aside from that happening once or twice in the entire series, this show is believable, and beautiful, and makes me want to live on Thra.


We all knew the Skeksis were evil, I already featured them on this blog once, but they also got quite the epic cast to play these vile creatures, including Mark Hamill, Benedict Wong, Keegan-Michael Kay, Jason Isaacs, and my favorite, Simon Pegg as The Chamberlain. I remember this character in the original movie so well, and Simon Pegg is Spot On playing him. A ton more famous peeps played gelflings too, like Helena Bonham Carter, Lena Headey, Eddie Izzard, and Natalie Dormer.


Now two characters that I didn’t see coming and that I adored were played by Andy Samberg (a Skeksis known as the Heritic) and Bill Hader, his counterpart urRu the Wanderer. These two play off each other perfectly, and it was refreshing to see a Skeksis fighting for the right side. They were definitely the comedic relief in a show that dealt with some heavy topics and serious sadness despite being made of puppets.


Of course, I’ve decided to recruit Deet to my magical forest. This gelfling has a lot in common with Lilith here. She communes with the animals and has a heart that is good and true, until the end when she saves everyone. But even now she might be more useful to me than before.


Hopefully I didn’t spoil too much for those of you that haven’t watched it, but this show is quite a feat. I plant stories in ground watch grow to truth.


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