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Lilith here briefly making an appearance outside of her dark and lovely forest. And you might be seeing less and less of me now that I’ve also dived deeper in to the world of TV and finally purchased Netflix as well as Disney +. You’re probably wondering how I made it so long without it? I guess I’m just old fashioned, I like something I can hold in my hands, often in the form of a shiny dvd, a crisp paper book, or a bloody arm stump. You understand, right? But being a new streaming convert means I have so much more television to get through and binge on, and this week I want to tell you about my first fun TV show I enjoyed from this new account: The Umbrella Academy.


It’s easy to search for shows that should be up your alley once you tell the service what you like, and they were spot on with this one. I already find myself counting down to season 2.


How can I describe this show? A little bit X-Men super hero, a little bit Doctor Who, a little bit Watchmen, but all the good parts of those things and none of the bad. It’s got the classic element of a family of superhero kids that are raised in “The Umbrella Academy” to use their powers for good, but then has all the adult drama of a dysfunctional family when we deal with the fall out for these kids as adults trying to thwart an apocalypse. And did I mention the chimpanzee mentor?


There are two characters that I absolutely loved in this show and want to spotlight. First is Number Five. See there were 7 children in this academy and their director was too detached to give them names, but eventually most of them received names from their android mom. Number Five is played by Aidan Gallagher, and he is a time travelling, teleporting miracle. His story arc definitely adds the Doctor Who element to the show. But what I loved about his character is while the other kids are grown up, due to a glitch in time and space travel he arrives back to present day at the same age (13) he was when he first jumped in to the post-apocalyptic future. The actor who plays him is the brilliant Aidan Gallagher. And though only a teenager in real life, his portrayal of a wise, older man stuck in a child’s body is phenomenal. I did some research in to this kid later because of his stellar performance and  it seems he’s a rock star in real life too. He’s very active in politics and is a goodwill ambassador for the UN, participating in things that seem way above his age-grade.


The second character I loved from this series is Vanya, aka Number Seven, portrayed by Ellen Page. Now Ellen Page has already made her mark as a kick ass LGBTQ actress, but I enjoyed a lot about this role. She’s told by her instructor that she has no powers, when in reality she is a Jean Grey in hiding, more powerful than all the kids combined, forced to suppress her powers unknowingly in an attempt to prevent her from causing harm to others. The first 2/3 of the series shows Ellen Page’s character as weak, self-conscious, hating and doubting herself in everything she does. And even though her love interest has ulterior motives, it’s nice to see her start to come in to her own in the last half of the season. I look forward to her development in the future, for she could easily go dark, and essentially does at the end of the season, but I feel like there will be a good redemption story line for her in the future.





There’s lots more to the show than what I wrote about. It’s smart, endearing, and fast paced. Enjoy geeks!


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