Prepare Yourself for the Return of Rick & Morty!

Howdy Evil Geeks! By now you’ve undoubtedly heard the amazing news from the Warner Media Upfronts via the AdultSwim Instagram account … November 2019 marks the return of our beloved Rick and Morty!

But November is still a while away — so to cope with the long period of waiting, here are some of my recommendations for getting your fix of our favorite adventurers through time and space.

Read the Comics:

I always bring up these comics to my fellow Rick & Morty fans and I’m constantly surprised at how many people don’t know they exist or don’t read them. I think they’re amazing and they’re great to tide you over in the absences between new content. It’s so easy to visualize the panels in the form of an actual episode of Rick and Morty, and I can practically hear Rick belching in my head as I read the dialogue on the page. My personal favorites of this series include the one shots that they’ve created, titled “Rick and Morty: Presents”. The recent “Jerry” comic was the perfect balance of gruesome (he becomes a jacked up, steroid monster that resembles a veiny scrotum of sorts) and hilarious. Another favorite is “‘Lil Poopy Superstar”, a series all about Mr. Poopybutthole, a fan favorite!


Play Some “Pocket Morty’s”:

Are you a fan of “Pokemon Go”? Then you’ll for sure enjoy “Pocket Morty’s”. The premise is that you need to collect all the Mortys in the game. You’ll see some of your favorite Mortys from the series, but also some new ones like the two pictured in battle above. This game is definitely not an easy one, though, so if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, you should give it a try. The game is available for both iTunes and Android.


Play “Total Rickall”:

Based off my personal favorite episode of Rick and Morty, “Total Rickall”, also known as the episode where parasites flood the Smith household, has its very own board game. In this game, you play as members of the Smith family, and can work cooperatively to save yourselves from the parasite, or play in advanced mode, where some players may be working to protect the parasites. Each crazy character gets a character card, but underneath the character card lies an identity card — which allows you to know whether or not the character is a parasite or a real person. Some character cards even have special rules, for example, if you shoot Uncle Nicky, you need to walk around the table twice (because, AYYYY, I’M WALKIN’ HERE!). This game works best with a lot of players, so grab up to 5 people to make this a great time to remember.


Find the “Rickmobile”:

Although it seems they just wrapped up a mini-tour, the Rickmobile is still very much alive and well, according to their Instagram account! C-Mart and I had the pleasure of visiting the Rickmobile together at last year’s NYCC and they have awesome, one of a kind merchandise, as well as the coolest photo op directly in front of the Rickmobile. In fact, Adult Swim does some amazing events — we’ve been lucky enough to attend their maiden voyage of the Tyrannic — as well as their “On the Green” tour where I won the coolest prize ever — a Mr. Poopybutthole Beach Towel! So, definitely stay tuned to Adult Swim’s accounts, because they know how to throw a party!

Of course, these are just a few suggestions, aside from binging the entire series, which is available on Hulu for re-watch right now, and waiting for potential news and a trailer from SDCC in July! I hope that my suggestions are able to tide you over until November. Let me know if there’s anything I left out, and what your favorite episodes of Rick and Morty are! Good luck, and happy waiting, everyone! Wub a lub a dub dub!

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