See You at the Saratoga Comic Con April 27-28, 2019

Convention season is upon us, my friends, and as the weather gets nicer here in the Capital Region, you may be looking for some fun events to attend or places to wear your cosplays. Well, look no further! Next weekend, April 27-28th is the Spring Saratoga Comic Con.

Formerly known as ChaseCon Expo, this con is now celebrating it’s 5th year in existence. There are a variety of vendors, many different cosplay events, and even tattoo artists in attendance at this event.

Special Guests at this event will be: Johnny Yong Bosch, who you may know from his voice acting credits as Ichigo in the English dub of Bleach, or from his live action role as Adam in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film. Also in attendance will be Tyler Mane, who played Sabretooth in the first X-Men film, as well as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween. There are many other guests going as well, so it’s sure to be a great time for all in attendance.

If you’re into the cosplay scene, Saratoga Comic Con runs an excellent cosplay contest, and a variety of cosplay related events, such as cosplay karaoke (which I actually participated in the last time!) that set it apart from the other conventions.

The Evil Geeks will also be in attendance, helping to run panels and attending the event, so if you see us, make sure to get your free sticker and some delicious candy from Spider-Man’s severed head.

You can purchase your tickets online at or at the door on the day of the event! Hope to see you there!


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  1. I remember when this event began and heard it had very modest beginnings. Looks like it’s gaining some traction, great to see!

  2. I thought Rusty Gilligan was going to be there !

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