Evil Geek Book Report: Into The Drowning Deep

Lilith here, back from, well, who knows. I guess the truth is us Evil Geeks just keep getting older with more and more adult villainy to pursue, and less time to bring you the important updates from the geek world you deserve. Whether you are a goodie or a baddie, getting old is rough. But enough of the whole “Back in my day…” I’m here, and I want to tell you about some fun stuff. This time about a novel from my self-proclaimed FAVORITE AUTHOR. Mira Grant does it again, mixing horror and science fiction in a fun, modern way. Previously with zombies, then with parasites, and now with, you guessed it, mermaids.


Now you might all be thinking mermaids? Did she just say mermaids? Like the princess that little children like to dress up as? The shiny and pretty creature that befriends unicorns? Well my pretties, let’s say not that type of mermaid. Picture the angry Harry Potter mermaids with toxin secreting spines sticking out of their heads and their only concern how quickly they consume your flesh.


What’s great about this book is, like her previous novels, there is a lot of GREAT suspense. A lot of anticipation and fear for what lies around the corner. And though pseudo-science, she makes some pretty great scenarios to explain this creature living in the Mariana Trench mostly unwitnessed by humans for centuries. The characters are a group of photojournalists and scientists trying to uncover this mystery of the deep, so each of their areas of expertise is brought to the forefront in various ways to explain how this species works. All of course while hunkering down and fortifying their ship to avoid becoming the next meal.


For an action packed, creepy monster novel this one is a keeper. But I’m a little biased, as Mira Grant is my favorite author. Enjoy geeks!

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