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Hello Evil Geeks! It’s your friendly neighborhood Undiesofwondy here with a new review. It’s been a while, but sometimes, movies are so amazing that they practically compel you to write something about them. (Occasionally, they’re so terrible that they compel a review too, but this is definitely not the case for this movie.)

Before I get to my review, I’m going to flashback to June of 2017 — to when I first got to see Wonder Woman. Since my pen name is, well Undiesofwondy, a direct tribute to Wonder Woman, many people came to me asking me what I’d thought of the movie afterward.Of course, I told them I loved it. Which wasn’t a lie. I did love the movie. I reveled in seeing one of my favorite heroes, a female hero, for that matter, kicking ass and taking names up on that silver screen. It was, well, in many ways, revolutionary. I grew up with DC and the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV show. This movie was supposed to be everything I’d ever hoped for, right? I didn’t dare say it aloud, for fear of upsetting my fellow geek feminists…but I couldn’t shake this weird pit of my stomach feeling. It left something to be desired. Despite the scene where Wonder Woman walked through “No Man’s Land”, which was powerful in itself…I still felt like something was missing.

And then I saw Captain Marvel.

I am definitely cosplaying this in the future. Any excuse to wear a cool Nine Inch Nails t-shirt, amiright?

As I said, I grew up with DC, and even after getting more into Marvel comics in my adult years, I honestly still don’t know much about the Marvel Comics Universe. Part of why the MCU appeals to me is because every story is new and exciting for me. I often will go back and read the comics after the films, but I digress. I didn’t know what to expect when sitting down for Captain Marvel, honestly. I had little to no idea about the plot. As a person with ADD, it’s really hard to find a movie that grips me from the start and keeps me engaged through the entire film, but this film managed to do just that. From the very start of this movie, I was completely captivated by Brie Larson in this role.


I think that this film speaks an important message about identity as a whole. The choice and distinction to choose who to be, in the face of hardship. With so much in our world going awry, and so many different sources telling us who to be; as people, as women, as a society — it’s easy to lose yourself in that neverending turmoil. But ultimately, the only person who can make that choice is YOU. And Captain Marvel herself does just that.


I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, because I know that this is only the second day this film has been released nationwide, but I will say that there is a scene that completely blows Wonder Woman’s “No Man’s Land” scene out of the water. It left me with a very emotional response, especially since I saw this film/am writing this review on International Women’s Day. The take-away from this film is clear to me, too. No matter how many times you’re knocked down, you need to keep fighting. We need to keep representing these strong female characters in films. We need to keep speaking out and standing up for what is right, despite the challenges and obstacles in our way. Eventually, we hope others will catch on, and the world as a whole will be a better place, filled with amazing female heroes just like Carol Danvers.

Other bonuses this film has: hilarious 90’s tropes/references (RIP Blockbuster), Nick Fury with not one, BUT TWO EYES, a killer soundtrack, and TWO amazing end credit scenes. Additionally — the Marvel opening/dedication to Stan had our entire theater LITERALLY in tears. (And yes, I did start a slow clap for Papa Stan.)

I definitely recommend you go see this film, as I think it’s now taken the place of my favorite MCU film to date. And…who knows? Maybe we’ll finally even get that Black Widow movie we’ve been promised for all these years.

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  1. Charles Halloran

    Awesome review. Am totally looking forward to seeing Captain Marvel.

  2. YES! I was thinking of writing a review too, so glad you did, a woman needed to. Without spoiling too much for the viewers, Captain Marvel was not my favorite Marvel movie yet (I actually felt more inspired by Black Panther), BUT I did enjoy the film a lot, and thinking back about some other important things that did or did not happen: No one got FRIDGED. I didn’t know what this was before last year, but now I recognize it all the time- someone (often a woman) is killed in order to inspire a MALE character to achieve something; I was so worried when her and her friend flew up in to space together to the lab, worried that might happen, but it didn’t need too: Carol didn’t need that inspiration, she could recognize right and wrong without it just like you said. And her ending punch with the bad guy (trying not to spoil) and the whole “I don’t owe you anything.” YES!!!!! So much YES!!!! Women don’t owe men whatever it is they think we do. Women can be bad ass and Captain Marvel proves she can be stronger than all the other Avengers combined (maybe excluding currently dusted Scarlet Witch, though I doubt the two would ever fight since they are women and sensible and know right from wrong). And despite all the silly “she doesn’t smile enough” comments before the movie’s release, Carol has quite a sense of humor on her in the movie. She is definitely an epic super heroine to aspire to be like. I can’t wait to see her again next month with the Avengers.

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