Evil Movie Review: Train to Busan

Hello again my faithful deadites. My absence can be explained by my temporary petrification in order to wait out this embarrassing period in our world’s history. Sadly one of my wolves licked the stone off of me and I am forced to engage in this world during these dismal times. Luckily there’s still lots of media for me to indulge in while holed up in my lair. And this week I watched something so damn good I just have to share it with you.


Most of you know I am a huge fan of the zombie. Seriously, one of my favorite monsters. Recently I’ve watched the original George Romero filmsin order to understand more of the creatures origins, and while I can see why these films are classics, I do love a more modern take on the monster. If I had to say that I had a preference, I do prefer the slow shambling zombie like those of The Walking Dead to the sprinters of 28 Weeks Later. But I just watched a film that might have changed my opinion on this.

Train to Busan is a South Korean film that came out in 2016, and I can’t believe I took til now to watch it. Spoilers commencing…

Now you might wonder how they pull off a zombie apocalypse on a train. I mean, we all acknowledge that Snowpiercer was quite the disaster for Chris Evans. But these guys did it. It was action packed movie that also got me invested in the characters.


Background: a young father and fund manager named Seok-woo going through a divorce is really struggling to balance work and life, and his young daughter is suffering because of it. His heart strings are pulled enough that he agrees to take his daughter Su-an on the train to Busan to see her mother for her birthday.

There’s some great build up as we see fire trucks blast through the city, a deer recover strangely from being hit by a car, and the best is when the train pulls out of the station Su-an briefly glimpses someone tackled to the ground without warning.

It doesn’t take too long for the one infected stow away at the end of the train to change, and before you know it there is a full scale World War Z style spread of infection on the train. People rush to the front of the train and try to escape. Seok-woo almost signs a death sentence for a man and his pregnant wife as they seem too slow to make it to the uninfected cars. Sang-hwa is this man with a pregnant wife, and while he is a little rough around the edges at first (I actually thought he might end up being a bully) in the end he seems to be the true hero, making the right decisions again and again to save people that might have a chance. We also meet Yong-guk, a baseball player, and his girlfriend Jin-hee, who also show their Gryffindor roots and come through as heroes.


There is a stop at a train station that ends up being completely infected, and some transitioning to other trains to try to escape, but legit 90% of the movie is on the trains themselves, and is 10x more realistic than Snowpiercer.

Once again though, even though the zombies are meant to be the monsters, the villain is another human. Yon-suk is a rich and ruthless man who will literally do anything to survive no matter how many lives it costs. Even though Seok-woo starts out that way, in the end he befriends the other heroes and helps everyone he can survive. Seeing Yon-suk make it as far as he did was certainly frustrating, but that’s what villains are for.


I don’t want to give away too much, but if you are looking for a zombified movie, this is it. It’s fast paced, has great special effects, has strong characters, and left me entertained until the last minute.


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