May the 4th Be With You: Ewoks… I Guess

It’s May 4th, and that means one thing is on everyone’s mind, Star Wars.

I’m here today to tell you what is, undeniably, the absolute best Star Wars movie of all time. As many of you may be expecting, it’s the one with Ewoks. You may be saying to yourself “Well of course guest writer, everyone knows Empire is the best, that’s hardly deserving of a full article!” to which I say no! It is not as you expected, Empire Strikes Back, but in fact the second of the Ewok Adventure duology “Ewoks: The Battle for Endor”.

The first in this series, “The Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure” expanded on the Star Wars universe in many unexpected ways. It begins the tale of the Towani family, who crashed on the forest moon of Endor. It weaves a tale that begins with two missing children, Cindel and Mace Towani and the children of Deej Warrik, Weechee and Widdle. You may remember Wicket to be the name of the Ewok that had the most contact with Princess Leia, it turns out he is another of Deej’s sons and the true hero of this movie. This truly just sets the backdrop for a story that introduces bear-wolves, Shetland ponies, and llamas to the universe. It’s most important addition, however, is that of magic. While the force may seem like magic, this story introduces true magic through an Ewok priestess named Kaink.

While this indeed pushes the boundaries of what we thought we knew about the Star Wars universe, its sequel “Ewoks: Battle for Endor” takes it one step forward by having Wicket speak Basic. The drama starts within 4 minutes when Wicket stops his young human friend saying “Danger” just before their village is raided. It then takes it up one more level by adding a true sorceress as the villain.

One other big selling feature of this fantastic, genre busting film is that it stars non-other than Wilford Brimley, better known in this generation as his meme, in an action hero role that barely anyone remembers existed.

To top it all off, both movies won Emmys for Outstanding Visual Effects.

For these reasons, dear reader, I declare that “Ewoks: Battle for Endor” is the best Star Wars movie to have ever graced our eyes and it is a shame that Disney wiped it from the universe.

-Josh C.

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