Evil Geek Book Report: Assimilation Squared

I’ve been getting more and more in to extended universe stories for various universes I love, especially the Doctor Who universe, but this graphic novel was one of my first I’ve read since middle school, and it’s combination of two episodes universes was well worth the read: Assimilationcombines my favorite Doctor of the Doctor Who universe with arguably the best Star Trek universe: TNG. Are you ready to engage?


The Borg is arguable one of the most frightening and ruthless villains seen in the Star Trek universe, and I would say they sadly haven’t gotten enough screen time. I want more Borg! But this comic gives you lots of Borg possibilities. Now when you think of the Borg’s catch phrase, “Assimilate”, what does that remind you of? Especially if you say it very digitally in the line “You will be assimilated”…You might think of the Cybermen from Doctor Who, and after seeing this comic pair up the Cybermen with the Borg it made perfect sense. The two are a match made in heaven, much better than the Dalek-Cyberman brief alliance with the tenth doctor.


In this comic the Cybermen have found a way to communicate across parallel universes, and found their way in to Picard’s universe with the Borg. The Cybermen also saw the alliance between the two hive mind like entities as a great opportunity for them, and crossed over to join forces with the Borg.

I don’t want to spoil too much going on from there, but one thing I want to spotlight about this graphic novel is it’s impeccable portrayal of the various characters. Riker, Picard, Crusher, Worf, Data, Troi, and Geordi spent 7 seasons and 4 movies becoming so well developed, and the authors of this novel really puts their personalities and mannerisms on paper perfectly. He doesn’t fail when it comes to the Doctor and his companions Rory and Amy either. Reading it you can hear the perfect intonations and picture their facial expressions as these incredibly powerful characters end up joining forces against the Borg and Cybermen.


It’s hard to trust the Doctor when he throws himself in to these sticky situations head first, but Picard’s incredible morality helps him see that the Doctor and his companions are not a threat, and eventually he comes round to their way of thinking, helping save the day. We even get a flashback to another timeline when the 4th Doctor had an encounter with some crew members from TOS, and the authors continue to capture people like Bones and Kirk perfectly.

If you are a fan of either of the universes combined in this comic, I strongly recommend you check out this story. It’s the cross over we all wish happened on screen. If only there was some way to Make It So there too. Happy fantasies geeks!


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