Ep 200 – Of Course We Talk About Star Wars in This One

Hey now, Evil Geeks, it’s our 200th episode!!!!! What better way to celebrate thank to sit down with some of the OG Evil Geeks (Big Evil, C-Mart, and Greekimus Prime) to talk about something we’ve only discussed in about 180 of these episodes… Star Wars! The gang discusses what they thought of the latest, divisive entry in the saga, The Last Jedi. As an little anniversary treat, we revisit our epic conception of Star Wars Land by laying out what theme park Disney should create next: Marvel’s version of New York! Thank you all for being a part of these first 200 episodes; Bring on the next 200!

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About C-Mart

A true Marvel Zombie, die-hard George Romero fan, Star Wars addict, Whovian, and life-long gamer. I make with the Tweets @CMart0979

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