What Do You Want for Geeks-Mas?

Hey there evil doers, it’s your newest resident evil geek with a hero complex! I’m sure you’ve all been wondering exactly what it is that you can get this stranger that none of you have ever heard of before, so here I am here to set your minds at ease!

Now, my wife spilled the beans and confirmed (yet again) that she is awesome by getting me pretty much everything that would have normally gone on this list for me, so I’ve got to think on my feet to make a list with some substance that isn’t too predictable.
This first one is a little incorporeal, but it is topping my list anyway.
I’d really like Kingdom Hearts 3 to be out already.
Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2006 in the U.S. and while there have since been titles that have filled in the story, none have felt like a complete Kingdom Hearts experience. Finally in 2013 it was announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 was in development.
Alas, we would hear and see very little of the game over the next several years. Now, it’s 5 years later and we know a little of KH3 that we didn’t know in the first year after it was announced other than it is supposed to come out in 2018.
So, if any of you evil doers have access to the kind of time travel that can only come out of a collab between Disney and Square Enix, could you use it to put the game in my stocking? Thanks.

On to things a little more realistic.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love star wars and comics.
Nightwing tops the list as my favorite hero, so when I saw this jacket at hot topic, I wanted to throw money at them and update my cosplay. But I didn’t, and now it’s no longer in stock. This is a pretty good substitute though, nevermind the fact it’s almost twice as expensive.
For the more home decor conscious geeks, there is a fantastic series of Star Wars shadow boxes perfect for a home theater, or any other room really. They’re a little difficult to track down though, Empire is out of stock everywhere, but I have got you covered on the other two.
A New Hope
Return of the Jedi
Of course, no tree is complete without a tree topper, so do yourself a favor and stop looking in Alderaan places. Thinkgeek has a Death Star tree topper that will complete any geek tree and vanquish your enemies at the same time.
I’m also a fan of smart homes and smart home related accessories, and Amazon is running some fantastic deals on echo devices and related gadgets. You can bundle any echo device with a TP Link Smart Plug for and extra $5 (They’re normally $40, so that’s huge) I know they might be listening in on me and sending what I say to the CIA, but dammit there’s something that makes me smile every time I’m able to say “Alexa, extinguish Christmas” and watching all my Christmas lights turn off.
Echo Dot
Echo Show
Harmony Hub


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