What Do You Want for Geeks-Mas?

This month our bad ass evil geeks are going to share with you what they are salivating over for their stockings or dreaming about for under their tree. What better way to embrace your inner evil geek than get fully into the capitalistic celebration that the holidays have become? Today Lilith is going to share with you what she’s hoping she’ll get for her lair.

Welcome back evil doers, you might be wondering what Lilith, queen of the dark forest and best friend to all creatures could possibly want as a gift. I’ve got it all, right? Yeah, I have most of what I need here on earth, but I will admit I have a sore spot for anything alien. It’s out of my realm, so presents that could make me feel like a ruler of outerspace aliens in addition to my earthly bound animals are things I find fascinating.

Probably the first sci-fi genre that I ever got in to was Star Wars. I mean, my dad had me watching this at 3 years old so it’s been with me awhile. And while I love lightsabers, TIE fighters, and AT-ATs as much as anyone, I really love the creative species you might encounter in a galaxy far-far away. I also love practical gifts, things I can use. So why not a pair of Ewok Socks? Or even better, a tauntaun sleeping bag to cuddle up on the couch? (Just remember your febreze, those things can smell). And while I would prefer the real thing as a companion animal, this miniature Rancor is a close second.

Another series full of alien species is Doctor Who. And some of the best villains make their appearances in the Whoverse. Looking for a tree topper? Why not this weeping angel, just don’t blink. You could also don your tree with Daleks. And my all time favorite alien from Doctor Who? Well…I can’t quite remember. But this phone case seems to jog some memories. If I could just remember…

Then we have Alien itself. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a face hugger off the black market for years to no avail. Still, came across this egg casing cookie jar and it’s a must have for me.

For a last gift, I want to give a shout out to my favorite geek artist: Jenny Parks. She makes a living converting your favorite geek characters into cats. And she does such an amazing job of it. I’ve already bought my Star Trek Cats calendar for 2018 so it’s no longer on my list. But if anyone’s feeling generous I really want some Furrioasa artwork. And a Deadpurr magnet.

Here’s to hoping all your holiday wishes come true! Until later geeks.

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