Zombie Round-Up: Mercy

Well sh*t, I’m sorry, I’ve been in a meeting these last few months! Just kidding, but I wish I could come up with excuses as well as Negan can, and sound as awesome saying them…On that note, Lilith is back with a review of this week’s Season 8 (God-damn that’s right, season 8) premier of The Walking Dead. And there is so much to talk about. And you better have your spoiler-pants on if you want to read forward.


We left off last season with our two groups, Rick and company (including Hilltop and the Kingdom) vs. The I Am Negan Posse, declaring all out war on each other. Of course there needs to be a lot of preparation for this, which we assume has happened in the days? weeks? that took place since the last episode. Rick and crew start off the episode almost ready to take the offense.


Also, did anyone notice the step by step shots of Carl going through the gas station? His movements were almost identical to those of his fathers in the series premier. Not sure what that means…just acknowledging he’s all grown up? Or trying to come round full circle? The latter option makes me nervous, since there were clues hinting all season 6 up to Glenn’s demise that mimicked his earlier encounters with various members of the group.

But moving on, I have to say it again, Negan is a f-ing bad ass. Like there is not an ounce of fear in his blood, and I’ve never seen someone take things in stride so well. When Rick’s crew successfully took out all his lookouts (with a little help from Dwight…still not sure where his story is going), and then rolls up in their armored vehicle brigade, Negan strolls out like he was expecting it. AND he tells them they’re the ones about to get their asses handed to him. I still don’t know if he’s the kind of Texas Hold-Em or if he was really prepared for this. Negan’s inner circle is almost just as bad ass as he is. Watching all of them line up on the platform without an ounce of fear was impressive. But I think Rick made one big mistake: not taking them out when he had the chance. They were lined up in front of his crew and he was the firing squad. He even startled the crap out of them when he shot his gun during his count down at 7 instead of making it to 1. But why on earth did he just shoot out the windows? He could have taken out a bunch of the ultimate sociopath squad (they just need Trump to join them) but instead his group decided to destroy their building so the walkers can hopefully take them out. I’m sure the walkers will do some damage, but why not take some matters into your own hand when you were the one with the power? Rick is probably going to regret that move, like a lot of things….


Who else is going to regret this? Preacher. I keep going back and forth as to whether or not I like Gabriel, but I can say I would 100% not be that sad if he got off’ed. Still, he goes out of his way to pull a Glenn and save someone not worth saving, only to get left behind. Now he’s holed up in a trailer with Negan surrounded by hundreds of zombies. Something tells me there’s going to be a lot of torture scenes in the coming episodes, and Gabriel is not long for this world.


The last thing I want to talk about: these random flash backs/forwards to Rick. Several times throughout the episode we see a scene in soft focus where Rick is visibly older, his daughter is a pre-teen, and everyone seems to be living the dream. Then we see Rick red-eyed and sweaty, and appearing to be grieving. My thoughts are the soft focus scenes are Rick’s fantasy of what live could be, and the red-eyed Rick is a future Rick we will meet soon about to lose it all again. I know we are all hoping to a happy ending to this post-apocalyptic jaunt, but it seems less and less likely that it will happen.

Until next time, I am Negan.


P.S.- why the hell is Maggie not showing? Ok seriously, see you next week.

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