Who Review: The Diary of River Song Series 1

Hello sweeties! Need some more Who in your life but despite the multitude of spin-off TV shows you can’t find your fix? Have I got the solution for you: BBC’s Doctor Who Audio Series. You pick your favorite character and venture away to distant planets and future times, or vice versus. I was desperate for something for that morning commute, and stumbled across The Diary of River Song. Wink, spoilers ahead sweeties.


We all have favorite characters from the Whoverse, whether it be your favorite doctor (mine is 11), your favorite companion (Donna Noble), or your favorite recurring villain (love me the Silence). My favorite female character of all time has got to be Professor River Song. Her marriage to the doctor and obvious love and companionship with him despite not getting to witness much of their courtship on TV has left me wanting more. Her smile, smarts, and sarcasm are so endearing. So I am super glad that I decided to start with an extension in to her life with this audio series.


First I will say this: these audio stories are PERFECT! They are 50-60 minutes long, literally an episode in a CD. And even though it’s just audio, there are such AMAZING sound effects and storylines you can fill in all the pictures you need in to the back of your mind as you listen.


The Diary of River Song Series 1 follows River on three of her own adventures, one battling a bewitched mummy, another is a murder mystery on a space party ship of the future, one follows her research in to the destructive spore ships, and the last crossing paths with the eighth doctor to stop an all powerful foe bent on controlling the universe. River is as brilliant as always, and listening to her try to save her beloved who has no idea of her existence is almost as touching as when she first met the tenth doctor.

The other great thing I mentioned about these stories: the sound effects. One of the things I LOVE about Doctor Who on TV is the sufficiently creepy bad guys: aliens, monsters, and scenarios that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Plus the eventual happy ending. Well this series has all of that and you’d never guess you weren’t watching an episode on TV. Remember the episode The Waters of Mars and how terrifying those possessed people were? This series has some of the same, leaving me chilled yet excited, waiting for the twist that they didn’t disappoint with either.


I’m so glad I’ve discovered this extra world of the Whoverse and can’t wait to tell you more about the wonders that it brings, but if you’re a River Song fan I recommend starting here.

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