Nope you didn’t miss an episode with some unheard of title; I’ve been scouring the evil lair for the last two weeks trying to find that tunnel the dwarves dug out to Canada. Naturally I failed, so you’re stuck with more Lilith reviews in the meantime. During my absence a whole three episodes have gone by in TWD, and I want to bring you up to speed on my thoughts about them. Watch out for machetes, hand cuffs, spoilers and the like.


Back to three episodes ago, in the episode “Service”, we got ourselves some Grade A Negan time. Negan showed just how powerful he could be, making Rick tell his friends that Negan and the Saviors are in charge, and dealing them one hell of a blow by taking most of their furniture, medicine, and ALL their guns. The worst of it? They didn’t even use the furniture! Most of the mattresses they stole were burnt in a large bonfire a couple miles from camp. It’s all for show, and Negan is quite good at it.


I found myself wondering, what would his followers do if someone killed him? Who would ascend to the throne? There were several times where Negan purposefully put himself in vulnerable positions with Rick in order to assert his dominance and prove that he had total control of Rick. What if Rick had killed Negan with Lucille while following the man? I’m sure one of the Saviors would have shot Rick, and most of Alexandria, on the spot; but who else can control the masses as well as Negan? I know we are all looking forward to when Negan gets it, but his control over all his settlements is gonna make it one hell of an uphill battle for the others.


The next episode was titled “Go Getters” and featured just that: Sasha and Maggie, holed up at Hilltop, taking charge of the town. A lot of the things I have read about the season premier speculated that killing Glenn would allow Maggie to become her own leader at Hilltop much like she does in the comics.

In this episode Maggie is recovering from her illness, and baby Glenn seems ok (though where is her baby bump at this point)?! But leader Gregory is pissed and wants Maggie and all those associated with Alexandria banished. Luckily for the duo, Jesus is on their side, and they kick some major ass when the walls of Hilltop are breached at night putting everyone at risk. I guess I don’t have much to say about the episode with regards to Maggie and Sasha, only that it was nice to see them step it up and take on some leadership tasks.


On a side story during this episode was a lovely little foray of Carl and Enid’s. You might have thought that all those copies of “How to be a Douchebag Teenager” would be harder to come by after the zombie apocalypse. Carl and Enid have proven that wishful thinking wrong. The two of them are spoiled, selfish, self-centered, and whiney, just like every teenager should be. Even though the show is trying to portray Enid in a better light, that she is now Maggie’s sweet little minion, I still don’t trust that girl. I mean, anyone that eats a turtle alive has got one demonesque intestinal tract. By the end of the episode Carl and Jesus are huddled away in a truck trying to infiltrate Negan’s main compound, which is likely to mean disaster for one of them (please let it be Carl, please let it be Carl, please let it be Carl).


Then last week we had a completely new story developed in the episode “Swear”. Been wondering where Tara and Heath have been since all this shit went down with Negan? Well wait no further. They’ve been on one of the most unproductive scavagening missions ever. And as I watched some of the flash back of their time on the road I couldn’t help but wonder; why on earth did Rick and his crew chose these two for the mission? Tara is a fun character and she has grown on me a lot, but Tara and Heath are both completely ill equipped to be out roughing it on their own.


By being a complete idiot that almost ends up chomped, Tara ends up washed up on a beach and in what initially seems to be a lesbian land of survivors. Turns out there are just no men because Negan and the Saviors killed them all. How far does Negan’s reign go?! But what was interesting about this group is that there was quite a wide range of personalities, all from the ten year old girl that loves killing people and walkers, to the mother hen leader of the crew that spares Tara. Still, during the conversations between Tara and these women, both parties lied again and again. I know it was in an effort to protect themselves, but have some faith in people for once, right?! Otherwise you might as well all be Saviors. Ultimately one good egg from the group helps Tara escape back home, but I have to wonder if Tara thinks she should have stayed with those women. She finally learns what happened to her girlfriend and the rest of the crew at the season premier. But was anyone else quirked by what happened to Heath?


I am going to go on one of my rants again now, so be forewarned. I guess it’s not that much of a rant, but more of an observation. One of the reasons I love TWD is that it’s characters are so fascinating to me. Yes the gore factor and the spooks from walkers are fun, but they’ve definitely become old hat at this point. What we are watching for now is to see what will happen to Rick and his crew. And just like in the comics, their world is getting a whole lot bigger. Unfortunately, I worry it might be becoming a bit too big to sustain itself as a show. Don’t worry, I am not joining the Walking Dexit, I’ll be with the show til the end, but I find there are so many overlapping storylines and these episodes that keep bringing up new facets in their world building scheme are starting to water down the character development and interactions I love. Still, I am looking forward to sticking with the show and seeing how Rick gets out of his current predicament with Negan.

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