Zombie Round Up: The Well

Greetings survivors of the Saviors, and welcome back to another Zombie Round Up as Lilith here gives you her take on this week’s TWD episode. I think all of us were still in a bit of a post-traumatic shock and funk, but this week’s episode knew just how to pivot to a separate story line and get us excited about the possibilities. Here’s my spoiler filled take on it.


Those of us watching the previews knew there was going to be a Kingdom, and a King, and most importantly a tiger this season. Well, we only had to wait until episode 2 to have it all introduced!

While Rick’s crew is off burying their dead, Morgan and Carol have stumbled across a thriving community of people surviving in what they call The Kingdom. It is run by King Ezekiel, who rules kindly, fairly, and fiercely, though he probably lets his pet Shiva the tiger speak for herself when it comes to fierceness. It doesn’t take long after being introduced to the character to think, “I like this guy. I like this guy a lot!” Now if we were in Martin’s world it would mean that he would be the next one in line for a beheading, but in this post apocalyptic zombie filled world he might not be.

I’ll come back to the king, but this episode let us see Carol and Morgan- it feels like it’s been so long! Well, Carol got healed by these people and right away goes back to being fake, though this time it’s a bit obvious. Morgan, I think he could find real peace in the Kingdom. He’s already been given a teacher by Ezekiel and is teaching others his non-violent ways. But I think Carol is on a death kick worse than Abraham experienced all last season. I really don’t know what she wants or where she will end up.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Back to Ezekiel; like I said, I like this guy. He’s a gracious leader, and even his back-story about his tiger is one filled with kindness. The town seems so happy and safe. They can sustain a lot of what they need within their walls. And Ezekiel seems to deep down really care about everyone. So there’s got to be a catch, right? Yup.

Things got a little fishy when Ezekiel took Morgan out to the city to round up some pigs for slaughter. It did seem a little odd that Ezekiel’s men were using walkers to bait the pigs, and then letting the pigs go to town eating the flesh of the walkers. I mean, not Terminus weird, but didn’t seem quite sanitary, right? Turns out that’s because those pigs are destined for someone else: Negan and the Saviors. Even though Ezekiel seems all-powerful, he and his men have been under the control of the Saviors the whole time. Damn, too good to be true.


The rest that comes out about Ezekiel is told from his own mouth to Carol as he catches her trying to flee his Kingdom. And while it makes the outlook for his survival seem grim, it did endear me to him more. He’s just a random zookeeper that saved his tiger ward who wants to do good things. He wants to “deal with the bad by going a little overboard with the good”. And my favorite line of the night was in response to when Carol asked him “Why do you care?!” His response was “Because it makes me feel good”. Even though he’s secretly serving the Saviors, this guy is more pure than Rick, maybe even on par with Glenn! He was so honest and good, helping overload me with a little excess TWD good after last week’s episode of awful.


Speaking of last week’s episode, I know I went on a rant about how I thought it was not crossing the line; that they had not gone too far; and that they were still inherently good people. I still stand by that, and I thought of another thing this week as well- was that episode really that grotesque? I mean, we live in a world where people’s heads get blown up, limbs chopped off, guts eaten, etc. on TV on a regular basis; so why was this episode so hard, and described as so much more brutal than most? I don’t think it was any more violent or gross than any other episode or show or movie for that matter; I think it was perceived that way by us because we love the people who were taken that way so much. I know I’ve grown so attached to them because they are GOOD PEOPLE. Again, that being the number one reason I haven’t given up on the show. Looking forward to seeing how good of a person Ezekiel can be.

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