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Greetings my villainous compatriots, Lilith here with some back logged reviews for you. Since the only things that everyone wants to watch these days seem to be either GoT or TWD, it’s nice to know that there are some past movies and TV shows we can all enjoy. And being that we are on an off year from the Whoverse, I wanted to catch up with some spin offs. Plus one never really tires of watching Jack Harkness.


It’s rare that a TV show gets better as you get deep in to the later seasons, but I think this change of pace from Torchwood did just that. The first two seasons were mostly stand-alone episodes, and as I have said before, consisted of many quite immoral and deplorable people (feel free to insert whatever political pot-shot you want there). Multiple characters are regular adulterers, Jack makes tough yet painful decisions that are very contrary to what the Doctor would likely have done, the group regularly drug people in order to make them forget, and they play God with regards to which aliens get to live and which don’t. I’m glad I watched the series, but was very disappointed in the personalities of all the main characters.


But then we get to Children of Earth. Essentially season 3, but the entire season is just a half dozen episodes that all deal with the same crisis: an alien that arrives on Earth demanding that 10% of the world’s children be handed over to them. I don’t want to spoil why, but you can imagine it’s not something we approve of.


Plus this alien species seems able to control children already- using them as their own radio device and making them give messages in unison, which is naturally quite creepy.

Interestingly our very own Peter Capaldi, before Doctor years, plays one of the main politicians involved in communicating with the aliens and deciding what to do about turning people over, who should be saved, etc.


Not surprisingly, those politicians in the position to do so make some selfish and heartless decisions about which children get to live and which don’t. Meanwhile Torchwood is seen as a threat, and so another group of military peeps spend the other half of the episodes trying to kill or silence them.


I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I can tell you NOT everyone lives. And while I don’t know that there was any other option, the eventual solution Jack comes up with to scare the aliens away without any abducted children is almost as horrible as if he had let that happen. Captain Harkness is officially getting his Evil Geek membership card after this season. I ended the series feeling traumatized and like I had just watched a delicate drama, which is not the usual feel good ending I get from Who-related shows. Yet of all the Whoverse storylines I have followed I want to give this season props for seeming believable, heart breaking, and realistic in many ways, plus having superb acting compared to prior seasons. Well done Jack and crew, looks like I only have one more season to enjoy with you after this though.

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