TV From The Crypts: Torchwood Season 1 and 2

Sad that you aren’t going to get any new Doctor Who episodes this year? Me too, but why not delve in to one of the many spin off series instead? That’s what I did, and naturally I chose to start with Torchwood, since I don’t think anyone can get enough of Captain Jack Harkness.


Recently having watched the first two seasons of this show, I want to give you my take on it. There are definitely some pros and cons about this show, and some major differences from Doctor Who. I’ll try to explain without divulging too many spoilers.

As you know, Captain Jack Harkness is the main character, played by the ruggedly handsome and flirtatious John Barrowman. He’s definitely one of the main pros for watching this show, but I have to admit, he’s not always the decent man you want. He’s open about sexuality, but hides a lot of his secrets from his friends. And as the leader of Torchwood he often takes a bossy approach to getting his co-workers in to line, plus he shoots first and asks later when it comes to bad guys. I think the Doctor would be a little disappointed with this approach.


The rest of the team is frankly a despicable group of people on the outside, though I guess I should sympathize with them due to the nature of their jobs. Gwen is the other main character, a police officer who joins the crew because of her continued curiosity and perseverance. She’s dedicated, has her moments where she takes charge, and cares about saving lives more than any of the others, but in her personal life she’s got a relationship from hell. She lies, cheats, and keeps coming back to her boyfriend after he verbally abuses her. Of course she is just as verbally abusive to him. Maybe they are made for each other? It’s just a really sad situation for someone that deserves better, and should be better herself.

in the woods

The rest of the crew is a little better, except for Owen. Owen is a mysoginistic, womanizing, violent a-hole. In season two we see his back story and I know it should make me feel bad for him, but it just makes me all the more frustrated that he couldn’t be a better man after the trauma he went through. Yanto is my favorite, the front man that always provides cover stories and back up for the team, and has a side love affair with Jack. Then there is Yoshiko, the awkward, shy, yet technologically brilliant Asian member of the team, who keeps getting herself in to bad situations because of her desire to be loved. It’s quite sad, I understand it, but I wish these female characters could be a bit stronger.


Still, despite all the team’s faults and shortcomings, I love the show so far. It’s action packed. It’s filled with moral dilemmas, many of which I end of disagreeing with the character’s decisions about but at least it got me and them thinking. There’s some great guest stars, including Martha Jones and Spike from the Buffyverse. And there’s some amazing aliens. Definitely worth catching this summer if you want to fulfill your Doctor Who addiction while we wait for the next season.

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