Evil Movie Review: Fanboys

This movie was made for geeks. Surprised I haven’t heard of it sooner. Here’s why I think you too should watch this corny, adorable, and shockingly over looked movie from 2009.


The premise of the movie? A group of overgrown nerds, struggling to run a comic book business or take over their parent’s car sales company end up reuniting at a Halloween party. Turns out one of the crew has a terminal cancer diagnosis, and suddenly their childhood dream of a road trip across the country to the Skywalker Ranch. The story follows them on their escapades in their Star Wars painted fan as they eventually make it there, running in to many hilarious detours on the way.


I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it, but here on some highlights on why this movie is worth the watch:

  1. The old Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate. Even though in my old age I am being made to (forced a little without much protest on my part) watch Star Trek I will still always fall on the side of The Rebel Alliance. I think my favorite part of this movie was continually pitting Trekkies up against Star Wars fans. At Seth Rogan made two cameo appearances, one as the ultimate pimp Star Wars fan and another as the kingpin Star Trek fan.hqdefault
  2. Kristen Bell as the adorable geeky girl we all want to be, or date depending on your preferences.
  3. The hilarious online relationship between Jay Baruchel’s character and a woman named “Rouge One”. I mean, we’ve all had those times when we imagined a fellow geek as our soul mate, I’ll leave it to your imagination in how she turned out.
  4. The fan memorabilia! It’s a Star Wars fan’s wet dream!
  5. That feeling of excitement about the release of the next Star Wars movie, something the we can finally all understand again.
  6. Learning new ways to use your Star Wars quotes. You know we all do it, but it’s nice to see how others do it to up your own game at work.fanboys

This movie’s obviously not gonna win any awards, or be remembered as life changing, but it’s worth a good laugh, especially if you consider yourself a Grade A Star Wars fan.

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