Evil Movie Review: X-Men Apocalypse

Hello again mutant lovers, Lilith here with your latest X-Men movie review. I have to admit, I’ve been a little surprised about the lack of hype and advertisement coming up to this movie’s release. I saw it in the theaters this week, and here’s my review just for you!


With the lack of social media coverage, absence of promotions on TV or in the theaters coming up to the movie in the form of previews, I was a little worried this movie would frankly suck the big one. But guess what: it didn’t! Bet you didn’t expect me to say that, huh?

I mean, it’s not the best movie ever, or even the best X-Men movie, but it’s pretty darn good.


It had a lot of ways it could go wrong too. It’s supposed to be happening in 1983, a great year (aka the year Lilith was born). An ultimate villain is also reborn that year, Apocalypse, the leader of the four horseman, awakens from his civilization to rewrite time and wipe out the human race as we know it. He wants to rewrite it all so that only those with epic powers like him, the mutants, survive. Typical story line for an X-Men movie here, nothing original there.

And yet again the writers have the opportunity to rewrite many loved X-Men characters. Since X-Men: First Class they’ve been remaking and adding previously loved characters in whole new ways, sometimes good and sometimes bad. I was a little skeptical about Sansa’s actress Sophie Turner playing my bellowed Jean Grey, but I have to give her credit, she did a good job. She even let a little of her inner Phoenix out and it was lovely.


We also get to see a new Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and a brief glimpse of Jubilee! And they weren’t have bad, even though they were little babies. Of course Wolverine made his usual cameo, but without a new face. Can anyone ever replace Hugh Jackman?


The plot could have been a bit more creative. After all, Magneto is a recovering mass terrorist hiding in Poland with a new family, including a daughter that talks to animals, but due to a series of unfortunate events he once again decides to have humans and once again sets out to join forces with other villains and give the humans the end they deserve. Cause we haven’t seen that before…


But on a good note, Quicksilver once again rocks the movie and has an epic scene saving the inhabitants of Xavier’s School for the Gifted, all with the classic rock soundtrack it deserves.


I don’t want to spoil it, but despite low expectations I left the theater surprisingly pleased. James McAvoy does a great job as Xavier (and finally loses the hair), and while Fassbender is still no McKellen, but he’s a decent Magneto. The new Storm was pretty darn good, and though all he really did was act pretty, Archangel wasn’t too bad either. Plus Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique never disappoints. All in all it was a great X-Men movie, which is a lot more than I was expecting.


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