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Zombie Round Up: No Tomorrow Yet

A whole lots of action this week, and not always from who you expected. Rick’s team ventures in to the unknown as they tackle Negan’s crew at their hold up near Hilltop. A battle like this means lots of blood and likely lives. Here’s my review of this week’s TWD.


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Ep 152 – In the Zone with Bruce Zick


Greetings, Evil Geeks! Welcome to our latest ep in which C-Mart talks with artist/creator Bruce Zick, who has just released a graphic novel of his long running comic, The Zone Continuum. We talk Bruce’s book as well as about his work in animation, comics, and much more! Please enjoy and be sure to check out Bruce’s work at!

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Zombie Round Up: Knots Untie

Another week in post-apocalyptic paradise, still riding on the bliss of a superb hook up from last week. This week’s episode of TWD features several more romantic moments, as well as a whole new world outside the walls of Alexandria. Will the identity of Negan be revealed? Read on for my review and the answer in this week’s Zombie Round Up.


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