Zombie Round Up: East

To be honest, I’m not quite sure where to start this week. I’m just way too excited and scared and nervous and amped up about next week’s season finale, so it might be hard to review what little we might be predicting based on this week’s assessment.


Where to start. Well, this week was yet another ass-kicking week for Carol. She abandoned Alexandria as she finds herself struggling for the first time in a while about the ease with which she kills. And what happens to her? She’s put in a situation to kill yet again. She’s really loving her panicked and grief stricken weakling role, let’s her get nice and close before annihilating her foes. This week it involved her getting stopped on the road by a truck with several men, only to hide an Uzi in her sleeve and tear the majority of their unsuspecting asses down. I kept thinking about how Carol has turned in to such a beast, but Rick said it better: she is a force of nature.


Speaking of Rick, he and Morgan left on the hunt for Carol, trying to bring her back to Alexandria where they think she belongs. And this leads to yet another argument between the two about whether or not to kill others. I really do feel bad for Morgan, but even I am getting a little tired of his “save everyone” attitude.

Meanwhile Daryl goes out on a vengeance mission to try to track down Denise’s killers. And naturally Michonne, Rosita, and Glenn act like idiots trying to track them down. I hate watching people make bad decisions. To keep it brief, this dumb ass move results in all four of them getting captured and held hostage, probably so that one or multiple of them can be killed next week when Negan makes his introduction. And the very last scene of the episode shows Dwight shooting Daryl, yet saying “Don’t worry, you’ll live”. AHH!!! Talk about a cliff hanger!


What else happened this week? Well I appreciated the introduction as we saw some of our favorites trying to have a normal life. And I finally got another glimpse at Richonne. Rick’s been slowly growing his beard back, which makes me happy. But what other questions do I have? What makes me suspicious or worried for our crew and the likely upcoming death-fest finale?

Firstly, I still don’t trust Enid. Even though Maggie and Glenn have pseudo-adopted her, she seems to have gotten over her teenage angst too easily. I worry it’s because she’s hiding something, and I could still see her being one of Negan’s followers or somehow a traitor to the group. But then again, maybe the death of one of her new adopted parents is what her character needs to have another existential crisis.

And then there is the Sasha vs. Rosita situation. Talk about awkward. The truth is, both these women have faults, and I don’t know who I want to live more, if I had to choose that is. I will say that I think both of them are worth more than Abraham, even if he does have a great tendency to think up one liners. Maybe it would be better if Sasha and Rosita had ended up together, they might be more deserving of each other.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Now the mass exodus from Alexandria is going to leave it quite vulnerable. The question is, will Carol be the one to come back as Negan makes his overly-anticipated entrance? Or will Tara and Heath come back from their mission just in time to save the day? It seems more likely that one of them will end up a victim, or sacrifice them to try to save someone.

I have been thinking that Daryl is the likely one to bite it in the season finale, especially since there are rumors he has not signed on for the next season. But since all the characters have also said that it was the most difficult and saddening episode they have ever filmed, now I am wondering if there might be more than one major character biting it as Negan and Lucille make their appearance. Hoping I’m wrong on that one, but it definitely is a possibility.


And here’s my shout out to the make up artists and walker creators: I keep thinking that seeing walkers is going to get boring, or repetitive. But it’s not. There was an awesome scene with a female walker eating a dead human this week that was just riveting, and I have to give them a big pat on the back for keeping up the good work.

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