Zombie Round Up: The Same Boat

Another weekend, another adventure in the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead. And unlike in the first half of the season where we spent several episodes wondering what had happened to certain characters or whether or not they were alive, this half hasn’t left us waiting very long for resolution. Last week we saw Maggie and Carol get kidnapped outside The Saviors’ facility, and this week we got to see what happened to them.


In addition to finding out whether or not Carol and Maggie survive (spoilers…they do), this episode really addressed a lot of ethical and moral dilemmas. It was unique from previous episodes in many ways, proving to me that the writers can continue to come up with gripping and entertaining new content even as we approach the end of the sixth season.


First, I loved the filming in the first pat of the episode. Watching Rick and the others through the binoculars as the crew with Maggie and Carol taunt them was different. And then the filming from Maggie or Carol’s perspective with their shirts over their heads was a nice touch, definitely increased the suspense.

Now this episode was another where Carol just shined. She is such an amazing actress, playing a character that is a good actress! First she faked a panic attack, and did such a good job that I don’t think Maggie even knew whether or not it was real. Then she plays miss helpless religious fool, and I’m surprised their captors bought it, but they did. It’s like they were almost looking forward to torturing Carol more knowing she was a weakling, and meanwhile Carol is using this all to her advantage to get them to let their gaurds’ down.


The captors were interesting folks too. Though they were jerks, I found it hard to believe that they were part of Negan’s crew. One of them was a elderly woman with lung cancer, what good could Negan get out of having her around? Before this, each time we encountered part of Negan’s crew it consisted of all men, so I was thinking this crew might be separate considering it was three women and one man. Plus, what were they doing out in the woods when the raid went down? They seemed to have been already out there when the fire alarm went off. Just seems really fishy.


Of course we will probably never know, cause Maggie and Carol whooped some serious ass and killed them all. Before I go in to the details of that, I do want to talk about some of the discussions the captors had with Maggie and Carol. The lead woman continually told them things like “Don’t fool yourselves, your crew is not good” referring to the battle of good and evil. She many times told them “They were killers just like her and her crew,” which was all very true. It’s interesting how we have come to label our crew led by Rick as good since that is who the story is about. And overall I think their decisions are moral, but watching Maggie not even hesitate to slaughter the captors once they had the upper hand was not very moral. Deciding that Negan and his crew were evil without giving them a trial was not very nice. It’s certainly something our characters struggle with, especially people like Morgan and Gabriel, and many times they waffle on their decisions between seasons. I don’t think there is a right answer, but it got my mind racing and contemplating post-apocalyptic scenarios and ethics for sure.


As I mentioned, in the end Carol and Maggie escape their duct tape cuffs, plant a trap for their captors, and even fool some other people in Negan’s crew in to trying to re-capture them, instead burning them alive in a room in an abandoned slaughter house. Wow, talk about harsh, but bad ass. Carol continues to scare the shit out of me, but I respect her as well. I think in the end Carol tried to save the ring leader of their captors since she saw so much of herself in that woman, but it would not be, and instead she ended up eaten but the very walkers she had been using to capture others.


Aside from making you question our groups’ decisions and ethics, this episode also still has us wondering an important question: who is Negan? Many in our group asked the captors who Negan was, but the response was always “We are all Negan.” What the hell does that mean? We all know there was an actor cast to play the role later this season, so there must be one true Negan, but is he pretending to be like Jesus and say that everyone has some of him in them? So confusing, and that’s the only question I will be anxiously awaiting a resolution to. Have a good week walkers stalkers!

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