Zombie Round Up: No Tomorrow Yet

A whole lots of action this week, and not always from who you expected. Rick’s team ventures in to the unknown as they tackle Negan’s crew at their hold up near Hilltop. A battle like this means lots of blood and likely lives. Here’s my review of this week’s TWD.


The opening scenes are of Carol as she continues her wholesome happy housewife act, though at least now she doesn’t have to hide her killing skills. I loved the make up on that first walker she machetes down, it looked all corpse bride-esque. But I have to admit, Carol is just getting a little too creepy for me. I seriously think she needs some mood stabilizers or something. When she gets all sweet with a local Alexandrian he confesses that she terrifies him. Believe me bud, she terrifies us all. And whatever happened to Daryl and Carol? Not only are they no longer a thing, but it’s like they aren’t even friends? You would think with all the rumors of Daryl’s impending death come the end of the season that they’d be building up his relations with all these people. Instead he’s often side lined and more soft spoken than usual. I still spend much of my time internally debating whether or not I want Carol to bite it, but her creep factor has gotten high enough for me I would not be sad to see her go.


Carol also ruffles my feathers quite a lot later in the episode when she suddenly gets super protective of Maggie and starts trying to stop her from taking any risk. Who cares if she’s pregnant?!?! I’m sure she wouldn’t want to raise the kid without Glenn and the others, so let her help them! I would have punched Carol in the face if I had been Maggie. Maggie is a big girl and Carol needs to stop telling others how she wants them to behave.

is there something in the water? everyone is hooking up in Alexandria!

is there something in the water? everyone is hooking up in Alexandria!

Aside from poor Morgan, our crew supports the idea of taking on Negan’s crew in a surprise attack. Even preacher Gabriel volunteers! And during the fighter he gets all preachy, telling a sermon as he shots down not a walker, BUT AN ACTUAL PERSON. Wow, talk about a complete change of character. I still don’t trust him. And Rick might be a little too trusting all too soon with him.

The best part of this week’s episode: the plan. They are so damn good at this. The pan is to sneak in and take the crew on a surprise attack. Negan’s crew is expecting Gregory’s head. Rick says they are going to give it to them, and for a half second I thought Rick was planning to kill Gregory, which would frankly probably be in their best interest. What he meant though was he planned to find a walker that looked similar to Gregory, chop off his head, and have it brought there in payment. The Hilltop delivery man brings the head in the middle of the night, and in a moment of stealthy awesomeness our crew takes out the guards without eliciting a peep. They then enter the compound, and start taking people out in their sleep one by one. Damn they are good.


Now a mission this big, you’d assume there was going to be some loss of life. Nope! Our group is so damn efficient they take down the place in one amazing gun battle once they are caught, and not a single person bites the bullet. Except that is for Glenn’s innocence. Yup, in one quick stab Glenn has lost his record of being the only one NOT to have killed a human. Of course pictures on the wall of blown up heads make us feel a little better about Glenn’s actions, yet I still wish he hadn’t done it.  I am not sure which made me more sad, that Glenn has accepted turning to the dark side or that the group unbelievably kicked ass and lost no one in the fight. Of course I was not wanting someone to be killed, but come on now, that was a little over the top. These guys are like gang members, and instead they were shooting like storm troopers!

One other thing I got to throw out there: Abraham is really being a jerk. I know he had to break up with Rosita in order to be with Sasha, but he could have been a little more sensitive and caring to Rosita. Instead he makes some crack about dingleberries being brown and tells her he was only with her cause he thought she was the last woman on earth. Abraham’s on his way to starting a book of one liners, whereas Carol is starting her own cook book.


While Rick and his group take out the people in the compound, Tara, Jesus and some others hang out in the car ready for a quick escape or to charge in as back up. Tara recalls her being convinced to kill people by the governor before Rick, and it really does force you to question to morality of their actions. Though what bothered me more was a simple part of that scene: they are parked in the woods off the road, and THEIR FREAKING WINDOWS ARE DOWN! I keep bringing this up, but doesn’t anyone get worried that a walker is going to sneak up and bite your elbow as it rests on the car door?!?! Sure, you could still live via amputation, but is losing a limb worth being less sweaty? I hate being hot and humid, but even I would chose keeping a limb if it meant suffering through some heat.

poor richonne don't have any time to enjoy their new found love

poor richonne don’t have any time to enjoy their new found love

About halfway through their sneak attack they are ambushed, and before Abraham can kill the dude that startles them he sets off a fire alarm. Still, in the following shoot em up scene our crew remarkably makes it through unscathed. Until the end…taking stock of all their new cars and equipment, they catch a guy trying to escape on his motorcycle. The man has a radio, and through it a woman’s voice tells them to stand down if they want Maggie and Carol back alive. Looks like it wasn’t a full proof plan afterall…And no, pregnancy does NOT protect you from getting killed.

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