Zombie Round Up: Knots Untie

Another week in post-apocalyptic paradise, still riding on the bliss of a superb hook up from last week. This week’s episode of TWD features several more romantic moments, as well as a whole new world outside the walls of Alexandria. Will the identity of Negan be revealed? Read on for my review and the answer in this week’s Zombie Round Up.


I was still feeling all emotional from the end of last week’s episode as Richonne finally happened, but not surprisingly the zombie-filled world they live in would not allow them to have any time to process what happened. Instead they just have to jump in to the next conflict and skip over any discussion of their new found infatuation with each other. I guess in some ways that could be good, but in others it might lead to awkward self-doubt and questioning of their potential relationship. Luckily Rick an Michonne have more than enough self confidence and trust in each other to act like it was just meant to be.


Without having the time to even talk about it with themselves, Rick and Michonne are woken up by Jesus who essentially brings the whole town in on their love making fest. Luckily Carl and everyone else seems to be approving of the match.

Paul, aka Jesus, has quite a proposition for the group: come visit his town of good people to trade. He had hid that information from them initially since the thought Daryl and Rick were shady characters (understandably) but now he’s willing to share, and help our group meet people from surviving settlements in the nearby countryside.


So first question: trust Jesus or not? My gut instinct is that he is a good guy, and that he likes our crew enough that he could survive with them. But it would take a lot of good faith to follow him to their compound. And it could just as easily have been a trap, or a way to lure the crew away so their group can take on Alexandria like the wolves. But Rick and Michonne decide to take a gamble, and bring a crew along to explore the new town.

On a side note, I am really starting to love Denise and Daryl’s side conversations. Denise smartly points out that Daryl’s eating habits could lead to him catching rabies (not really) or some other disease, and that even gross protein cakes are better than road kill. They have quite the rapport, and I love it!

Now I know Carl’s decision to stay back in town might be fueled by embarrassment about his eye (or lack there of), or fear of others after what happened to him as he tried to befriend those in Alexandria. Instead though, I think this boy is really growing up. His decision to stay behind shows quite a bit of maturity on his part, and that he’s a bit more calm and reserved than previously. Could it be that Carl has already outgrown his whiney teen angst and that I might actually grow to like him more than Wesley? Time can only tell.


Speaking of Star Trek references, did anyone else notice how Doctor McCoy-like Abraham was in this episode? “When you were pouring the bisquik, were you trying to make pancakes?” What?!?! Maybe Abraham is just trying to get to talking in code cause he’s in love with another woman and knows it’s gonna come out sooner or later. Even Daryl figures out what he’s getting out through the bizarre analogy code and tells him to get his act together. I overall like Abraham, but this episode left me finding him a little week, and maybe it is time for him to have some near-death or death-dealing revelation. Hate to say it but writing him off the show might be a good idea this season.the-walking-dead-episode-611-maggie-cohan-935-1-590x900

The crew make it to Paul’s Hilltop community, and meet their leader Gregory. Although this guy is a bit confusing, I can sum up how I feel about Gregory as “he’s a dick”. No ifs, ends or butts about it. He’s a traditionalist, a sexist, condescending, and a manipulator. He takes no qualms in telling people he is only out for himself and his community, and seems to take a lot of pride in acting like some Southern Gentlemen in charge of a plantation. He even refers to the lose of one of his men as probably “better for the gene pool”. Wow, talk about a racist and elitist. Personally, I would have said “Thanks but no thanks” and walked right out of there. Especially if I had been Maggie. But I gotta give the girl props. Even though I disapprove of her decision to bring a child willingly in to this world of chaos and death, she showed some of her bad-ass assertive self that I used to love so much about her. She can be tough, and when she is, I love her. Gregory tried purposefully calling her the wrong name and putting her in her place, but she held her own and called him out on his bullshit. In the end a near-fatal stab wound from one of his own people (ordered by the infamous Negan) led to Maggie and the crew getting what they want. The deal: they kill Negan and The Saviors, Hilltop gives them half their food supplies.


Of course there are so many ways this can go wrong, and I expect there to be some sort of trap. But we’ll have to wait a couple episodes to get there I am sure. In the meantime Gregory has filled the hole of “most hated character” on TWD. Who did he replace in that role? Well now that Nicolas and Gabriel both seem to have redeemed themselves from the position, one through death and one through change of heart, we needed someone like this to direct our hatred towards. Counting down to the demise of Gregory, see you next week geeks.

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