Zombie Round Up: The Next World

I was still reeling from the previous week’s episode and could not WAIT to see what was in store for Alexandria after that epic zombie slaughter fest. This week’s episode probably had a lot of pressure to perform following that masterpiece, and while there was a lot less zombie killing, it did not disappoint. Here’s Lilith’s highly anticipated weekly review of the continued trials and tribulations for the survivors of Alexandria.


How do you open an episode after that magnum opus of film full of blood and guts and machetes? You fast forward a month to a world of happiness of course. The opening scene shows us Carl, all recovered with his eye patch, in a house full of loving family members. Though still in the downstairs basement, Michonne has integrated so smoothly in to the Grimes family, joking around with them like a doting mother getting her kids ready for school. Once again I found myself wishing that Michonne and Rick would get together, as for over two seasons now it has seemed so natural, but Rick seems to have some poor choice in women that have a predisposition to dying, so maybe it’s a good thing she just wants to play the role of mom to Judith and Carl.


This episode centers around Daryl and Rick who are about to go out on a day run to try to scrounge up supplies. As they head towards their car they get stopped by many happy residents with personal requests. Though we don’t get to meet a lot of individuals like Carol, Tara, or Morgan, we know they are doing just fine from others references to them. Denise’s pop vs. soda comment and tribute to Ohio made a lot of people smile I am sure. Eugene is still as quirky as ever while he tells the others that they should be getting sorghum which will let them make lots of food and be safe for those that are gluten-free. (Will that even exist in the post-apocalyptic world)? And Eugene has been promoted to managing the door, now that he’s gotten over his fear of walker killing.


First tangent of the review- we all know that eventually supplies will run out in this post apocalyptic scenario. Which for food there is an easy solution- you can start gardening and go back to being farmer Rick. But what about when medications and fluids and other medical supplies run out? That’s a lot tougher of a problem, since it will be a lot more rare to have someone who knows how to make those things. Especially since a lot of medications originate from ingredients found in places like South America. To me the best solution is to take back to the world and get those factories and pharmacies that make medications back up and running, and hope there are some survivors that know how to make those things. Ok, tangent done.

Off Daryl and Rick go in their license plate free car blasting the music. Not sure why Rick wanted to blast the music, unless it was the lure any walkers out so they are not surprised by them. And finding a giant barn labeled as sorghum they head that way, only to find a truck completely full of abandoned supplies. Seems like a trap to me. Yet surprisingly before some villain can come to capture them for their cannibalistic ways they are on the road again.•-sorghum

Taking a quick stop at a gas station to try to spring some “pop” from a vending machine, Daryl and Rick meet their villain of the episode: Paul Rovia. A slippery well groomed man that’s friends call him Jesus due to the supposed resemblance. Now I expected this dude to be followed by the infamous Negan, but I was wrong, and I am still not sure what to make of this guy (other than he is on Rick’s team in the comics, so I will hold out hope he will be a good guy). Rovia send Daryl and Rick on quite a disastrous day, as the three seem go on an almost comical back and forth stealing the truck from the other.

I felt like some chicken dance song should have been playing during this scene.

I felt like some chicken dance song should have been playing during this scene.

During it all, we get to see that yet again Daryl and Rick have changed their views on outsiders. Daryl was all for more people coming to Alexandria in the last half season, but probably after his run in with the diabetic trio that stole his bike as well as the Negan biker gang, he’s now a lot more leery about letting others in. Rick on the other hand has been inspired by the strength of the weak Alexandrians in their show down with the herd to take back the town, and now has flip flopped yet again in to thinking outsiders should be allowed in if they prove themselves. I swear, these too flip flop so much they could easily be politicians running for president (which wouldn’t be half bad, I’d vote for them over Trump in a heart beat). Now if only they could be more like women and sync their cycling!


Moving away from tangent number 2 and my desire for a Grimes-Dixon ballot, Rick’s opinion once again prevails, and even after losing their truck full of booty in the lake they take this slippery prophet back to Alexandria. Rick is definitely in softy mode right now, hopefully it won’t back fire on him as much as it did on Morgan.

Now there were some other things happening back in Alexandria during Daryl and Rick’s romantic day trip. Michonne, Spencer, Carl and Enid all decided to wander outside the walls, but Spencer did so with a specific mission: to find his mother. Yup, Deanna didn’t shoot herself after all, and she’s been wandering around as a walker since the mass extermination of zombies last month (wait, how again did she slip out in to the woods)? Well regardless of the unlikely probability that she would have turned and made it out of the town, the point of this scene seems to be to show us that when you lose a loved one, you should be the one to put them down.


When we get back to town after Deanna’s death with slight dignity Michonne confronts Carl about being outside the walls. He was the one that led Deanna to Spencer after all. Even though she wants to be a mad mom, she is proud of Carl as he tells her that he did it because he thought it only fair that family get to take care of family, and that he would do it for her. These two were already tight, but you could see Michonne’s motherly instinct burst out of her as she and Carl bonded in this moment.

And now we come to yet another epic finale: yes this review has been full of spoilers, but this is the biggie folks. Rick and Michonne both make it back to their abode and bond on the couch, laughing about their days but being happy to be in the company of one another again. Even though it seemed like Rick and Daryl only brought back some annoying thief on their run, he gives Michonne a packet of mints which is the best he could do in trying to get her requested tooth paste. I even commented during this scene that I haven’t felt that much sexual tension since the early seasons of Castle, and it must have been the same for them too- my question is, who held hands first? I know they were both feeling it, but as their hands embraced over the mints they realized what has been meant to be for months: Richonne!!!! It’s probably good that TWD avoids too much romance or sexual scenes, but good golly I was glad they drew this one out for two minutes instead of ten seconds. Sometimes people are just meant for each other, and you feel such a great relief and happiness when they finally realize it too.

Now that Michonne and Rick are finally “a thang”, I have to wonder, will it last? Will Michonne end up being killed like all Rick’s past loves? Here’s my glass-half full thoughts: the creators have said that while all the main characters are loved and important, this show is truly about Rick. He is the main character, so if he dies the show dies. Also, the creators have also mused about what they see as a good finale to the show, and they confessed that they hate zombie stories that end with everyone being infected. Instead, they would prefer an ending that results in the good guys beating the zombies and rebuilding a sustainable world. So my thoughts are: we’re in season 6. This show is epic, but can’t go on forever. Maybe in the next couple seasons as things wind down we see Michonne and Rick both survive, and live happily ever after as the leaders of Alexandria? One can hope. I know I’m gonna ride on the bliss that is Richonne for a while.


That about sums up my review, but I will tell you all that The Talking Dead after the show featured the one and only (and personal favorite) Nathan Fillion! It was the second time I watched the post-show review, and I highly recommend it as well. Until next week, enjoy the glory that will be Richonne.

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