Evil Movie Review: Maggie

From blockbuster disaster to horribly depressing, I am not on a roll when it comes to movies these days. After watching all the Terminator movies I had developed a healthy respect for Arnold, so when I heard he just came out with a ZOMBIE movie I was all about it. Maggie is the story of Arnold and his teenage daughter dealing with a bite from a zombie and the gradual transition to zombiehood.


So spoilers to follow, but I don’t know what I was hoping for when I watched this movie. The trailer looks good, I always love a good zombie flick, but in summary this was not what I signed up for. Was it scary? Hardly. Was it action packed? Not really. Was it melodramatic and depressing as all hell? Yup, pretty much.


Basically the movie starts out with Arnold picking up his daughter Maggie from an inner city hospital where she has suffered a bite from someone with the necroambulist virus, a virus that slowly turns you in to a zombie over a course of weeks. Throughout the course of the film Maggie struggles to come to terms with her eventual demise. I was hoping for a zombie film, and instead I got a Nicholas Sparks novel.

And you all know how I hate watching people made bad decisions, which added insult to injury in this film. I mean, these people were HORRIFIC when it came to making poor decisions. Arnold, playing the father Wade, refuses to bring his daughter to a quarantine camp where she might suffer in her last days with other infected. He also refuses to have her humanely euthanized as it will likely be painful (which is bulls*it, euthanasia stands for “a good death”, and there are many painless or limited pain ways one could do it). Instead he sticks around watching her become less and less human, breaking body parts, eating wild animals, and rotting from the outside in.


This movie displayed no rave for survival, no fight for a cure, essentially no hope whatsoever. It pretty much was about someone suffering with a terminal illness and showing the different ways people cope with that death sentence, with the added twist of it being about a zombie. That added twist might make it seem like the movie is going to be worth watching, or unique, or intriguing, but you would be wrong to think so. It’s a miserable film that leaves you feeling sad, alone, and depressed. And for me, it left me wishing there had been more zombie action. Oh well, better luck next time Arnold.

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