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What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – RWBY: Grimm Eclispe


  It’s incredible to see what a fandom can really do to a person. You’d be milling around minding your own business, reading, listening to music, or watching a show and for a brief moment you would be fine. It would start slowly at first, masquerading as the tiniest hint of curiosity, a growing hunger to find out more about the thing you like. Questions will begin to pop-up inside your head and soon after, your search history. Who are the creators of the thing I like? What are their interests? What is their Twitter and Tumblr url? Can I meet them and how? W̧̕҉H̴͞E̷͜͠R͏E ͠DO̧ ̀T͟͠Ḩ̵E҉͏́Y̵͘͘ ̷̀͘L̵͡IV́E?͢͢ Are there other people who like the thing I like? Where can I find and talk to them? Where can I see their fanart. W͡H͏E҉R̡Ȩ ̛CAN̡ I S̵E͢E ̡TH̢ȨIR F͘IC͟? It is at that moment that you are lost, you are a fan. Surrender your emotions along with all hope of ever getting out. Make sure you strap in, the feels train will be departing soon. If you can’t find sturdy enough safety belts, then just cling to whatever other object you can find and smile as the turbulence tears your fragile body apart. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone for this ride and that your gruesome death will be regarded with awe and/or embarrassment by future generations. Sew your limbs back on with the aid of an ungodly amount of hand-made clothing. Sometimes cosplaying can mend the wounds that fic and art cannot. Upload fan videos, ships, theories smut and whatever else you can contribute to the fandom. Above all, always remember to respect your fellow trash.


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Zombie Round Up: The Next World

I was still reeling from the previous week’s episode and could not WAIT to see what was in store for Alexandria after that epic zombie slaughter fest. This week’s episode probably had a lot of pressure to perform following that masterpiece, and while there was a lot less zombie killing, it did not disappoint. Here’s Lilith’s highly anticipated weekly review of the continued trials and tribulations for the survivors of Alexandria.


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Zombie Round Up: No Way Out

I’m sure all of you have been having similar feelings of excitement and angst over what was to be the mid-season premier for The Walking Dead. It’s still so hard for me to imagine that the majority of the first half of season 6 was only about 24 hours of time passing for our survivors. And we left our crew trying to join with a bunch of naïve and unexposed civilians as the walls came down and at least a thousand walkers made it in to their safe haven. Well rest assured folks, this season premier was all we could have asked for and more, and naturally I want to tell you about it, as well as discuss some possible theories of what might be to come. Be forewarned, spoilers lie ahead.


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Ep 151 – The Mako Saga with Ian J. Malone!


Hey there, Evil Geeks! Today’s episode involves C-Mart and Undies of Wondy sitting down to talk with author Ian J. Malone, to talk about his journey from being in the market for a job, to being the author of a multi-part, sci-fi, galaxy spanning epic! Of course you can’t talk space epics, without bringing it back to Star Wars, which is what we naturally wrap the episode up with. Be sure to check out Ian’s book series, The Mako Saga (stay tuned to the very end of the episode to hear how you can get the first book free!!!)!

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Evil Movie Review: Maggie

From blockbuster disaster to horribly depressing, I am not on a roll when it comes to movies these days. After watching all the Terminator movies I had developed a healthy respect for Arnold, so when I heard he just came out with a ZOMBIE movie I was all about it. Maggie is the story of Arnold and his teenage daughter dealing with a bite from a zombie and the gradual transition to zombiehood.


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