Stand Out at the Deadpool Movie Premiere By Being the Merc Without a Mouth!

imageWhat’s going on, Evil Geeks!?!? We’re just about 1 month away from Deadpool, the first of MANY big comic book movies dropping this year. What better way to get hyped up for Wade Wilson’s big screen debut than to use these next thirty or so days by getting your costume ready for opening night! With a little help from our friends at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we’re going to show you a sure fire way to stand out from the 500 other Deadpool cosplayers that are bound to show up that night.

imageLet’s face a hard truth together, shall we? Half the reason people are really psyched for the new Deadpool flick is because his first appearance on the big screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was slightly less than stellar.  It’s an understatement to say the Wade we got on screen was nothing like the Wade we’ve come to know and love. The new movie is looking like it’s going to be spectacular though, and with Wade’s cinematic redemption looming on the horizon, I say it’s high time to embrace the movie origin of the Merc with a Mouth by transforming yourself into the Merc WITHOUT a Mouth! Show up to the first screening of the new movie like this and you will FOR SURE be the only one rocking this version of the Regeneratin’ Degenerate at the big event.  Wholesale Halloween Costumes has put together this helpful tutorial on how to transform yourself from just another dime a dozen Deadpool cosplayer to being the only cosplayer with enough chutzpah to harken back to the OG movie Deadpool!


For more info on how to pull off this look check out Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ article here!

You can also learn to make your own Deadpool costume here!

See you at the theater next month, Evil Geeks!


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