Campbell Con Pics Are Finally Here!

Without further ado, here are some snaps from Campbell Con, the premiere event! It was quaint, cute, and a great place for community building. I’ve only been to a few cons so far, and this was a smaller one, but it had a lot more sense of community and camaraderie than the larger cons. It was also a great way to meet like minded creative people in the geek world. Hopefully they have another event next year!

Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-01 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-02 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-03 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-04 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-05 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-06 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-07 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-08 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-09 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-10 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-11 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-12 Evil-Geeks-Campbell-Con2015-13

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