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What happens when the walls surrounding Alexandria come down? Not as much as you would think. This week was The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale, and while a lot did happen, it didn’t feel nearly as action packed as I thought it would. A lot more could have happened and didn’t, but this will probably keep everyone hooked for the second half of the season. Here’s my thoughts and spoilers on this slightly underwhelming episode.


We left off last week with the church tower crashing through the wall right after everyone saw the balloons that might mean Glenn is alive. And here we are inside the walls where everyone has to band together to try to find cover. One of the first scenes of the episode shocked me: preacher is killing walkers! Just like that, he disappears for the majority of the season, and here he is a new man helping the group! When did that happen? I guess it wouldn’t have been a good idea for AMC to develop his character since quite frankly many people want him to bite the dust, but it just seems odd to suddenly have him be a reformed man.


Meanwhile Glenn is trying to convince Enid to come with him to help those stuck in the walls, and what does he do? He plays the pregnancy card. I mean, we knew it was gonna happen. I was wondering if that was what Maggie was doing as she pathetically attempted to escape the hoard and get up to safety. I think she fell multiple times and barely made it up off the falling ladder and she’s not even showing yet! I would like to continue to rant about my objection to her fertility status right now but I worry I might offend too many, so I’ll refrain from it for now.

We knew someone was going to bite the dust this episode, but Deanna? Really? I mean, in my mind this entire town is now Rick’s. I have to admit, I wish Deanna had survived as I feel it would help the group unify, but I guess they had to kill someone. On a side note, Deanna is now the second Alexandria native to have commented on Rick’s beard…I think that is enough of a consensus: Bring back the beard Rick! The town has spoken! Your fans have spoken! Bring back the beard!


By mid episode everyone is pretty much holed up in various houses trying to figure a way out or a way to lure the walkers back out so they can repair the wall. Group 1: Carol, Denise, Morgan and the wolf. Carol is going nuts trying to kill this wolf, and her and Morgan go in to an all out brawl over it with Carol trying to kill Morgan. I have to admit, I don’t know who I was routing for. I like them both a lot, I side with Morgan’s believes and optimism, but I respect Carol’s practicality and attitude. And Carol is going all sorts of control freak here. This was one of the tenser moments for me, as I didn’t want to see Carol or Morgan hurt. But Morgan body slammed Carol (is she going to live through this?) just in time for the wolf to knock out Morgan. Guess Carol was right, but still a moral dilemma I would have struggled with. I admire Morgan’s perserverence.


Group 2: Tara, Rosita, and Eugene. Quite a combination, and one we have seen before. Rosita is getting all depressed and hopeless thinking that Abraham is dead. All I can hope is that she ends up biting the dust before she finds out Abraham is hot for Sasha since that would probably be a bigger blow to her. Eugene is so quirky I still don’t know how I feel about him. His bluntness and humor is endearing, but he is still so weak much of the time. But he found a little of his grove when he realized he could help his team by picking locks. Then there is Tara. Tara is really growing on me with her overwhelming determination and optimism. I still think of her as a secondary character, but hopefully she will start stepping up more since I like her attitude. Of course knowing TWD this might mean her future demise is just around the corner.


Group 1 and 2 end up joining forces in the end, and the wolf naturally escapes. I think I had my first moment where I thought Denise’s character was believable. The wolf approaches her with a knife and she shouts at him “You are so full of shit!” It was a simple scene, yet one full of unbridled emotion and frustration, and I could see myself doing something very similar if I had been in her shoes.

And then there is Group 3: the big group, with Jessie and her kids as well as Rick, Michonne, Carl, preacher, Deanna, and the baby. This is where the bulk of the action takes place. Ron goes to kill Carl but fails, and instead breaks open the glass to the garage giving the walkers an easy way in. I don’t know what Carl is thinking, but Ron is a liability, and Carl is suddenly acting all Glenn-like trying to win Ron over. At least Carl was calm and collected through it all, but this might come back to bite him in the butt (or the eye)…


Well group 3 is all holed up in the second floor with a first floor full of walkers, using just a couch in the stairwell to protect them. And they use a technique not seen since the first season, covering themselves in walker guts and blood to mask themselves as they escape the house. But it only works if everyone can keep quiet, and it seems like Jessie’s son might not be able to handle it…

So my questions as this episode comes to a close: where was Aaron and his boyfriend, and the other Alexandrians? Where are Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha? W e still don’t know who said HELP on the other end of the walkie talkie. It’s frustrating to me that they had two episodes in the beginning of the season that were 1.5 hours long, and yet this episode was the usual hour. There was no time for development or answering all the questions we had. Instead we now have to wait over two months for the end of the season. They have a lot to wrap up, and they have a lot of great ways to tie all this together but part of me worries they won’t do this. I feel like to have a really good episode the show needs to choice each week on whether or not they want the focus to be on action or character development, as trying to balance a little of both in to each episode is falling a little flat.


Well we’ve all got a couple months now to mull over what to expect next season, until then dead heads!

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