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And just like that TWD has everyone hooked again. This past week’s episode was so darn packed featuring almost all of our beloved old timers, leaving most of us on the edge of our seats for the mid season finale, which is sure to evok some tears. Here’s my spoiler filled review of last Sunday’s episode, just in time for what is sure to be tonight’s mind blowing mid season finale.


First off, the biggest spoiler yet: GLENN’S ALIVE!!!! I admit, I was not a believer, I thought he was a goner. But that pizza delivery boy is seriously beyond bad ass. It’s like my heart exploded as I saw him crawl under the dumpster and survive however long it was there. Why do I love Glenn the best? He’s so full of skill and it’s so unexpected. He’s moral and kind. He’s NEVER killed a human. He’s an amazing judge of character and brings the best out of people. He’s loyal and brave. And so many more reasons. Seeing him go out of his way to try to bring Enid back was yet another example of his selfless, and sometimes stupid, behaviors. Now I hate to admit it, as much as I am so excited that Glenn is alive, his survival was a little unbelievable. But hey, I’ll take it.

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Back in Alexandria we’ve got a lot of tension and cooperation all at the same time. While the adults that were suspicious of Rick (and his beard) finally seem to have sided with him, Rick and Morgan are having a bit of a showdown. And Carol is all over confronting him about it. Do love Carol, but in so many ways she is the epic gossip queen, getting in everyone’s business. Rick, Michonne, and Carol confront Morgan because Rick was told by Carol that Morgan let some wolves go, and Rick thinks those were the wolves that almost killed him in the trailer (I mean, doesn’t this all sound like a bunch of tattle tale kids?). But way to go Morgan, he completely defends his position. I have to point out, I think the one character that has had no development this season is Michonne, and it makes me sad. She was such a complex power house in prior seasons, but here in Alexandria she seems relatively weak. I also thought she might take the side of Morgan, but she too seems to think there is no way to survive this new world without killing people. They all need to take a lesson from Glenn! My thoughts: good for you Morgan. I mean, I don’t think I would be such a pacifist, and I realize some of the decisions he is making might be dangerous, but at least he realizes for his inner peace he needs to stick to his beliefs.

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

One of the tenser moments of the episode came when Spencer made a break for it. He thought he would be able to shimmy out over the herd on a grappling line and lead them all away. Of course his plan back fires and he nearly falls in to a hoard of walkers. He is saved by Rick and Tara. During the scene Tara ends up hanging off the wall and risking herself to shoot some walkers down, and Rick lectures her loudly that none of them should die for these people anymore. And Tara responds with the middle finger. High five Tara. Even though I find her and Denise’s budding relationship a bit forced, I wanted to slap Tara on the back in that moment. It was one of my favorite scenes of the episode. Since that is what this show is all about to me: doing the right thing and helping people. Tara gets it, and I hope she gets to continue to grow as a character in future seasons.


Then there is the whole Ron and Carl teenage competition. Ron’s plotting and it’s so obvious where this is going. Pretending to want to be Rick’s friend, Ron convinces Rick to show him how to use a gun. And Ron is just a little too eager about learning how to shoot. I think everyone has caught on to his desire to shoot Carl. It probably seems like a fitting revenge in his mind: Rick shot my dad, I shoot his son. Everyone is mesmerized by a large cluster of balloons that they know must be prove that Glenn is alive and out there, which seems like the perfect moment for something major to happen and snap them all back to reality. I have to admit, I thought the end of the episode was going to be a lone gunshot (aka Ron shooting Carl), but instead it was the falling of the damaged church tower, opening up the entirety of Alexandria to the hundreds of walkers outside. I’m sure tonight’s episode is going to pack an even bigger punch, until then folks.


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