Zombie Round Up: Always Accountable

Another week with a lot of flack out there about TWD suddenly being boring or dull, but I was actually ok with this week’s episodes. Granted we only really got to see three of the major characters develop this week, but there were also several glimpses of what is to come in the future of the show. Here’s my take on this week’s episode 6.


Like I said, we only really saw three major characters this week: Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. They start off at the end of their run, just about 20 miles from Alexandria and about ready to turn and head home. (A good question is how long did that take? It’s not like zombies are running at marathon speed). And just when you think it’s going to be smooth sailing shots are fired, literally. The three of them are ambushed by a group whose faces we don’t see, and Daryl pulls the most epic maneuvers ever on a motorcycle. Seriously, I hate motorcycles and never like it when people ride them, and I always thought riding on one in the zombie apocalypse was a royal class dumb idea. And yet Daryl swerves through walkers and gunfire superbly. I don’t consider myself part of the Team Daryl faction out there (I am/was all Team Glenn) but wow, way to go bad ass.


So for the rest of the episode Daryl ends up split up from Sasha and Abraham unintentionally. But it allowed for some interesting character development for them all.

Daryl is ambushed by a group of amateur survivors, and when we get to witness his moral compass go berserk after he escapes them only to act all Malcolm Reynolds like and return with the cooler full of insulin that he stole. He teams up with them and saves them from the group pursuing them, making him the better man. But just when you were starting to feel good about the world, the surviving two of three turns on Daryl and steals his motorcycle. Something tells me we will be seeing these two Judases again, and I think they will get their just desserts.


Yet karma still shone down on Daryl, and he stumbles across a abandoned/hidden gasoline truck. Not only does he escape to head back to Alexandria, he is able to rescue his friends Sasha and Abraham as well. No sad deaths this week folks.

But if you watched closely there were a lot of close calls. And in one of them a very forestified walker almost gets the better of Daryl even after he epically escaped on his bike. Daryl downs him in the last second, and there is a Cherokee Rose growing out of his back. The significance? Maybe none, but for those of us that remember season 2 and the hunt for Sophia this flower probably represented Daryl’s softer side. It might have been meant to represent Daryl having hope for humanity, Or could it be an illusion to future events and Daryl’s possible fate? Could he be someone that a Cherokee Rose blooms for from tears of loss in the episodes to come? Or is this Glenn’s flower? All good questions, it obviously was meant to mean something to the creators.


Back to Abraham and Sasha, they end up in a small down town area on their own, losing the car they were in during the gun fight but escaping with their lives. Knowing Daryl is an expert tracker, they decide to hang out around town and wait for him to find them rather than go out searching for him. This gives us lots of time for them to talk to each other.

Abraham is in a bad way, once again acting as if he has nothing to hold him to this world. He and Sasha have had a lot in common over the last season, and he acknowledges that. It’s like he wants to test the limits, and see how close he can come to escaping death or getting bitten. But Sasha calls him out on it. I honestly expected both to them to start getting more and more competitive with who was taking more risks. But Sasha seems to have finally cooled down, and reams in to Abraham for not doing the same.

I don't know who looks more ridiculous, Carol in her housewife get up or Abraham here.

I don’t know who looks more ridiculous, Carol in her housewife get up or Abraham here.

Then the big confession comes up: Abraham is hot for Sasha! Or at least he tells her she is the reason he has to keep on living. I actually think this is a good thing, and I think they could be a really good couple. This is actually the best potential this season considering Rick is making all sorts of stupid decisions, and while I am happy for Tara her new love interest seems forced. But there’s one part I am NOT happy about with the prospect of Abraham and Sasha in the future: what about Rita? Rita who is back in Alexandria crying over the possible loss of Abraham, who treats him like a fu*k buddy but deep down is probably head over heels for him. How is she going to deal with this news? Sasha takes it like a champ, meaning she barely moves a muscle, and just tells him he needs to get his shit together then (aka needs to figure out the deal with Rita, since a threesome seems out of the question for her).

The real big moment of the episode: all three of them riding in their new truck back home, trying to reach someone on their walkie talkie. And in the last moment someone’s voice says “Help” on their frequency. I tell you, I really don’t think that Glenn is alive…but maybe, JUST maybe that was his voice on the line.


One other thing that we caught a glimpse of in the episode: the kneelers. There is a group of armed men coming after the survivors Daryl helps, and the escapees from them reference having to kneel and pay for protection. It seems payment is often in sexual favors, and it just goes to show there would be a whole lot of f-ed up people out there in the post apocalyptic scenario. We have the wolves, people like the governor, and now whole new group of bad guys forcing people in to their servitude. But for the comic book readers, we know this group is quite important and plays a big role in the demise of Glenn there. I know the show needs it’s antagonists, but I have to admit I’m getting overwhelmed by all the stupid and evil people out there. Here’s to hoping we see who was on the other end of that walkie talkie next week.

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