Zombie Round Up: Here Is Not Here and Now

Lilith has been off causing all sorts of mayhem and hasn’t been able to write a review on all things TWD for a couple weeks, which means today you get two reviews for the price of one! I mean, I can’t just ignore what happened to Morgan in the past week’s episode even if some of you want me to. Today I want to reflect on the last two weeks’ episodes of the best zombie show on TV.


After Glenn’s supposed tragic death in episode 3, everyone was on the edge of their seats for the conclusion. Is he dead? Did he slide under the dumpster? Did he get bitten? Or completely eaten? How will Maggie ever know? So naturally the following week’s episode had a complete lack of Glenn. To be honest, I kind of expected that. What I wasn’t expecting was a flashback episode that focused completely on Morgan and absolutely no other current characters.


We meet Morgan at his worst, after Rick left him in his booby trapped sanctuary and he wants nothing more than to die. He violently kills several humans with his bare hands and never bothers to damage their brain after, as if his death wish is that they will come back and kill him as a walker. Instead, Morgan ends up at an isolated cabin in the woods with a forensic psychiatrist named Eastman and his goat Tabitha. Eastman seems to be a pacifist and a believer in people, as he encourages Morgan to turn a new leaf, come to peace with the world, and be his companion in this post-apocalyptic hell.

The two become friends and this is where Morgan learns the ways of aikido (how he is so bad ass with his staff), the art of peace, stability, and compassion. Of course this all back fires when indeed one of the humans Morgan kills comes back as a walker and bites his new best friend, but we saw that coming. As we did the killing of the goat. I have to admit, that was the toughest part of the episode for me! I knew right away this pet goat named Tabitha was not going to make it very long, but it was still sad to see her destroyed carcass as a walker chowed down. We eventually end the episode with Morgan finishing his story, telling a captured wolf that he too can become good, but as many of the wolves we have met have proven to be, this guy seems to be a real winner. I think Morgan’s chances of swaying him are low and he might turn out to be another mistake in the opposite direction for him.

I wouldn't mind an episode about Tabitha's back story...

I wouldn’t mind an episode about Tabitha’s back story…

I know there was a lot of backlash about this episode. I mean, everyone was reeling from the previous week’s events, and there was no conclusion to it. Then we have to spend 90 minutes watching the evolution of Morgan. Sure, it was not what we were hoping for, but it wasn’t that bad. In fact, I really did like the character Eastman, a fellow vegetarian. I loved the goat. And I enjoyed the friendship and rapport these two broken men had. Even though these flashback episodes are not as entertaining, they are well written and add more to the overall story.

Still, this past weekend I was ready for some present day action. I was given it, but not in the way that I wanted. Back behind the walls of Alexandria, Rick and Michonne’s group have made it home but brought half the walker herd with them. The walls seem to hold, but the town is trapped until these walkers leave, which is unlikely to happen for weeks to come.

Tovah Feldshuh as Deanna - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

This episode was really all about the breakdown of the Alexandrians to me. They haven’t seen hardly any real threats since the outbreak and now they are forced to. It makes you realize how entitled they are, and how weak. Spencer, Deanna’s only surviving son, has one moment of actually acting like a leader, only to then reveal it was all a lie so that he could steal from the pantry. People are whining and crying about their lack of being able to help others and their likely impending doom, and I just wanted to slap all their faces and tell them to man up.

I was a little disappointed in Michonne even, who is convinced that Glenn has died otherwise she would have seen some signal from him. But Maggie is determined to try to break out of the walls to save him regardless, and Aaron joins her since he feels personally responsible for the wolves attack on the city. Their attempt to break out of Alexandria through the sewers fails, and here was the bomb they dropped this week: Maggie’s pregnant. Yup, saw that coming. The moment Glenn asked her to stay behind with Deanna I knew she was pregnant, and frankly I lost a lot of respect for her.

this was the moment I knew she was pregnant...

this was the moment I knew she was pregnant…

Why? I love Glenn. I love Maggie. I love Glaggie! I want Glenn to be alive so much even though I don’t think he is. But this is a common trope in the post apocalyptic scenario that always bugs me: why is getting pregnant considered a good thing? I mean, regardless of whether or not you want to raise a child in this new hellish world, why risk being pregnant (and essentially partially handicapped) while in a world full of threats to you? Yet so many shows see it as a symbol of hope. And I just think it’s a dumb decision that is a reflection of poor life choices. Also- here’s something to ponder in a zombie scenario like TWD where everyone is infected: what if you have a miscarriage? What if the baby dies before being born? Will it reanimate and rip out of you?! These are all serious discussions one should be having before getting knocked up in this world full of walkers.

Moving on from my complete disapproval of Maggie’s current fertility status, the scene in the sewers was probably one of the best ones in the episode: these half rotten, muddy walkers almost took out Maggie and Aaron on their mission. These walkers were seriously a make up artist’s masterpiece. They were so believable, terrifying, and well designed. Just saying.


Overall though, this week’s episode was in my opinion just as slow as the week before, even though we had twelve times the characters. I was a little unimpressed, and want to get back to our favorite people like Daryl or Carol. I know they need to build up more characters as they kill off old ones, but they didn’t succeed nearly as well this week with the Alexandrians as they have in the past with more recent people like Abraham or Noah. And I was bothered by more than just Maggie’s decision to allow herself to get pregnant. Rick made out with Jessie, and part of me sees this as his continued spiral in to craziness despite Deanna appointing him the new leader of Alexandria. I personally hate shows where people make bad decision after bad decision, so I am going to be counting down until next week where we will hopefully finally see some good decisions, and maybe if we are lucky see some conclusion to the broken heart I am hanging on to representing Glenn’s death. Until then geeks!

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