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Doctober Spotlight – Doctor Walter Bishop

Breaking my streak here folks, cause today’s doctor is the first one I am writing about this month that is not a medical doctor. Doctor Walter Bishop, PhD, is in my opinion the most important character in the entire Fringe series, and probably one of the most epic mad scientists of all time.


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Doctober Spotlight – Dr. Hershel Greene

Just when you thought you heard the last from Lilith about TWD this week, today I want to feature Hershel, that beloved veterinary doctor from TWD who we lost all too soon. Doctors provide us with a lot in the real world, but in the apocalypse they have the potential to become vital to the survival of your group. And Hershel did just that for his group for a long time.


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Zombie Round Up: JSS

This week’s show was amazeballs, but I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore. TWD is in my opinion the best show on television right now, and week after week they know how to satisfy us. Here’s my take on this slaughterhouse episode.


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Ep 141 – Talking Tales of Halloween with John Skipp and Andrew Kasch!


Hey Evil Geeks! It’s almost Halloween time and things are starting to get spookier than usual. Joining Big Evil, C-Mart, Greekimus Prime, and Undies of Wondy are John Skipp and Andrew Kasch, the brains behind “This Means War”, one of the shorts in the new horror anthology film Tales of Halloween; which was just released in theaters and on VOD on October 16th! We talk movies, the strange and fleeting popularity of the Guitar Hero franchise, plus a healthy dose of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow!

Jimmy Duval_Dana Gould Andrew Kasch_John Skipp Screamfest 2015

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Evil Geek Book Report – Star Wars: Lando #1-5


I love Star Wars. I think for most people that goes without saying. I’ve been interested in the Marvel series being published so far but I’ve yet to read any of them. When a Lando miniseries was announced I figured now would be the right time to jump in. Part of Lando’s appeal is that while his personality is similar to Han Solo the movies don’t give us a ton to work with. Why not flesh him out a little bit in a 5 issue miniseries? Attach artist Alex Maleev one of the giants of the modern comics? Yes, please. To me, the only downside was Charles Soule was announced as the writer. Soule is extremely hit or miss but with Marvel’s recent exodus of top writers it seems they are positioning Soule as one their main new architects of the Marvel U, so I better get use to him.

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Doctober Spotlight – Doctor Stein

In all of fiction there is no greater tale of the hubris of science than that of Doctor Stein from the Arrested Development episode “Sword of Destiny”.

Oh, Doctor Victor Frankenstein, you say? Well, that’s a damn fine point, but I’m sure there are already plenty of examinations of his mad science to be found, so let’s just roll with this.

A character who appeared in only one episode of the cult TV series, Doctor Stein was his own biggest advocate and continually evaluated his standing worldwide in the medical community. He initially introduces himself as the best doctor in the county, then in the state of California, and then downgrades to Southern California. However, if his last shown attempt at a radical procedure is successful, he thinks it may make him the best in the world.

Doctor Stein Doh

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