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This is the first collection of the (2010) comic book series, American Vampire. I’m not typically a huge vampire fan, (True Blood was good until maybe the third season and was pretty much dog shit after that) but this story interested me because it takes place in a Western setting and features two great writers. This was Stephen King’s first real foray into comics.

To allow for two great writers to expand their own ideas in the same storyline and world, the book is broken up into sections written separately by Snyder and King. The first book will start with a Snyder story and be followed by a King one, and it alternates like that throughout the collection. This actually breaks up the book perfectly where it never feels like any one segment drags on for too long and it makes you want to keep reading to find out how the different authors’ stories play out.


The Brazilian artist Rafael Albuquerque really makes the amazing writing shine through with his stunning visual accompaniment in American Vampire. Not only does he do amazing work on the pages (see Skinner Sweet above lighting dynamite) but he does some really cool looking covers as well (see top image). This comic is nothing short of gorgeous and even without the great stories by Snyder/King it would stand alone on it’s artistic merit.

The Style of An Old Western Classic

Without spoiling too much, the book tells the tale of (American) vampire, Skinner Sweet and his bloody fight through the West against “old-school” pale, sun-fearing vampires. There are of course some twists and turns, but the writing is excellent and develop some great scenes. The book is very cinematic at points and you feel as if you’re watching an old classic Western movie unfold until some vampire starts tearing someone apart (this book does have its bloody moments, but hey, it’s a vampire comic).

Personally, I liked the Stephen King half of the book the best, but the whole thing is solid and I just ordered the 2nd and 3rd volumes of the series even though Stephen King didn’t write on them. From what I’ve gathered, Scott Snyder continues the excitement and good storytelling on without the help of King. I’ll find out for myself soon.

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