Doctober Spotlight – Doctor Walter Bishop

Breaking my streak here folks, cause today’s doctor is the first one I am writing about this month that is not a medical doctor. Doctor Walter Bishop, PhD, is in my opinion the most important character in the entire Fringe series, and probably one of the most epic mad scientists of all time.


Oh Walter, with his adorable obsession with food, his slightly dangerous experimentation with elicit drugs, and his incredible imagination that allows him to push the boundaries of science to unreality, in a good way of course. And if one Walter isn’t enough for you, well there’s always Walternate, his alter ego from another universe (sadly sans goatee) that shows you what Walter might have been if driven by an obsession over the abduction of his son.


Walter is passionate, funny, and despite his sometimes assumed lack of empathy he is quite caring, especially to those he considers family. Walter is also brave, and would willingly (and does) sacrifice himself for the survival of those he loves most.

And I think Walter should receive the “Most Dedicated to the Role of Mad Scientist” award- who else would willingly have parts of their brain chopped out? And his relationships with people like his son Peter or assistant Astrid make him all warm and fuzzy inside despite his craziness. Walter Bishop, I adore you and for now think you have set the bar above most when it comes to being a mad scientist.


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