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This week’s show was amazeballs, but I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore. TWD is in my opinion the best show on television right now, and week after week they know how to satisfy us. Here’s my take on this slaughterhouse episode.


Last week we left off with a huge air horn going off back in Alexandria, attracting the walkers from their path towards the safe haven. My bet was Gabriel was the culprit, but I was wrong. It took us a little while to get there though.

The episode started out a little slow, as we watched Enid in her early days surviving the apocalypse. I have never really been a fan of Enid, but she has some smarts about her, and watching her deal with starvation and loss, with her endless mantra of JSS (Just Survive Somehow) kind of made her grow on me. I was a little worried those initials were for Jesus or her family members, but Enid is one tough cookie and just needed to keep telling herself it was worth it trying to live. It also made me question, would I eat a turtle? Or other animals for that matter being a vegan? I’d like to say no, but I’ve never experienced hunger in that manner. What if I had not eaten in over two weeks? I might eat a turtle.twdjss-155658

After she arrives at the gates of Alexandria, we catch up to the present and see how people are handling themselves while Rick and his crew are out on their mission (well, the people in Alexandria still think they are on a dry run). Eugene is something special, and I love watching him and Tara bicker like an old married couple. They meet the town’s new doctor, Denise, who is not ready for the role in any shape or form. I think Tara was a little harsh with her, considering this is the first time their group even has someone medically inclined since Hershel.

Carol continues her silly house wife cover, lecturing her friend about smoking. And as Maggie and Deanna chat over planting veggies about the future without Reg it happens: the Wolves attack. This scene was unexpected and phenomenal. The machete attack on Carol’s friend who is, surprise surprise, outside smoking a cigarette, threw me completely off guard. The lookouts are then set on fire and fall over the wall, and chaos ensues inside the walls.

this might actually be the scariest Carol out there

this might actually be the scariest Carol out there

I had spent so much time expecting this week’s episode to be the zombie hoard attacking Alexandria, and instead it’s people! The wolves are really psychos, makes me think they all came out of Gotham’s asylum before banding together. They obviously experience pure joy out of violence and suffering. And I can’t quite figure out why they attack Alexandria aside from the chaos of it all since they probably have no intention of setting up shop there. They probably just intend to kill as many as possible and raid supplies, then go back to the woods. This theory of mine was supported by the fact that they were about to run a huge truck through the gate, probably rendering the town permanently breached. Luckily Spencer is able to kill the driver so he swerves in to the wall instead of the gate, but accidentally sets off his truck horn. And that folks was where that air horn from last week came from.


This episode really showed that people are the worst threat in this post apocalyptic world, a theme we have seen again and again yet it never stops being such a heart breaking reality. I know I want to see the best in people, which is why I love most of Rick’s crew, but there are so many other people out there that would lose their minds or embrace violence in this world.

This episode also really allowed some people who have been in the shadows to step up again and show their true selves, as well as give us some glimpse in to what will happen in the future. Happy house maker Carol was in her element, and even jumped in to disguise as a wolf to infiltrate their group and accomplish maximum killing. In the moment when Carol killed her friend to prevent her from turning and took some deep breathes, I don’t think that was from stress or sadness, but from feeling free and in her element. She’s been pushing her take control, all action, no hesitation self in to a hidden part of her psyche so that those in Alexandria think she isn’t a threat, and this assault on Alexandria forced her to toss aside that farce and embrace her inner warrior. It was so refreshing seeing her in her own skin again. I hope she doesn’t go back to her Martha Stewart version after this.

Carol in her element.

Carol in her element.

The other character that played a big role in this episode was Morgan, who has turned a new leaf and decided he will not to kill humans unless he has to. He single handedly defeats half a dozen wolves with his staff and convinces them to retreat, as well as encounters two of the wolves he beat in the woods before. This was in my opinion a huge mistake. I doubt the wolves have it in them to just move on and forget about Alexandria. They’ll be back, and though Morgan has grown a lot it might lead him to rethink his ways to yet again become more like Rick.


Hopefully next week we get to see where the hoard is at and if they will be a second wave of attack on Alexandria.

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  1. I think you’re right and Carol’s actions this week show that she doesn’t hesitate to do the right thing, but I still think during that moment as she breathed deeply and took it all in it is was not out of grieving for her “friend”, but more her feeling alive as she took charge and embraced her inner killer. Carol’s kills since season 4 have proven to be more about necessity and looking at the greater good without a moment of hesitation, but I still felt as the adrenalin pumped through her she felt more alive than she has in a while. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

  2. “In the moment when Carol killed her friend to prevent her from turning …”

    I’m not so certain she shafted her from turning at that moment but rather to put her out of her misery. She was too far gone, there was no way to help her. Her injuries were too grievous with no way to aid her quickly so that she could live. I’m pretty certain *that’s* why Carol killed her. Dead, she certainly would have turned eventually but, in that moment, I think she did her more of a service than anything else.

    In Other News: Here’s my take. Please comment if you feel compelled to do so …


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