Evil Geek Book Report – Star Wars: Lando #1-5


I love Star Wars. I think for most people that goes without saying. I’ve been interested in the Marvel series being published so far but I’ve yet to read any of them. When a Lando miniseries was announced I figured now would be the right time to jump in. Part of Lando’s appeal is that while his personality is similar to Han Solo the movies don’t give us a ton to work with. Why not flesh him out a little bit in a 5 issue miniseries? Attach artist Alex Maleev one of the giants of the modern comics? Yes, please. To me, the only downside was Charles Soule was announced as the writer. Soule is extremely hit or miss but with Marvel’s recent exodus of top writers it seems they are positioning Soule as one their main new architects of the Marvel U, so I better get use to him.

Set between Episode 3 and 4 our story begins with Lando using his arsenal of charm and wits to steal a valuable item from a former lover. Thinking this will square him of his debt with a slimy creature named Papa Toren he returns it to him. Instead, Toren opts to take 10% off of the debt Lando has accrued. This puts him in a bind, one that can only be solved by a heist that will net him some serious cash. Toren lets him in on a job he needs done. There’s an imperial ship that’s in the midst of getting refurbished that’s full of art and other relics. It’s simple, if Lando gets the ship to Toren his debt is cleared and he gets to keep whatever they find inside.


Immediately, Lando begins to put together his crew. First up is Lobot who you may remember as the bald guy on Cloud City from The Empire Strikes back. It’s established here that him and Lando go way back. In fact, a lot of this story plays off as a bromance between the two. We also get a little background on those electronic implants on his head. Apparently he had the Empire outfit him with them so he could get paid to run battlefield calculations for and not have to be on the killing floor. Next up are the muscle, two silent assassins Aleksin and Pavol who have a great cat like character design. Rounding out the group is Korin, a former professor who is an expert on antiquities.

They are able to capture the ship pretty quickly, but are concerned by how much the Empire is devoted to getting it back. The group soon finds out that the ship actually belongs to Emperor Palpatine and it’s his personal vessel. Stumbling on a secret room guarded by imperial guards (I always loved those red outfits as a kid) Lobot is immediately speared through the chest. After the guards are dispatched and Lobot is administered to the medical bay we find out the contents of the treasure. Palpatine has a collection of priceless Sith artifacts including what looks like Darth Maul’s double edged lightsaber. To make matters worse a ruthless bounty hunter in the mode of Bobba Fett called Chanath Cha has been directly ordered by the Emperor to return the ship or destroy it.


It was a fun and entertaining read, but far from essential. We get to see Lando do some Lando like things, but we never get any more insight into why he does these things or what makes him the character that so many people love. I think we actually learn way more about Lobot than Lando which is something I never thought I’d be typing at any point in my life. The ending seems to set in motion Lando’s path to Cloud City but leaving it open ended.

Charles Soule does a good job here getting Lando’s dialogue to ring true based on his movie appearances. The art is typical Maleev, some photo realism with a dark subdued color palette. It’s not his best work, but it’s certainly fine. The covers in my opinion are the best part. This miniseries is a nice little side story, but an appetizer for Marvel’s main course and what I’ve been looking forward to the most. Shattered Empire: The Journey To The Force Awakens.

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