Doctober Spotlight – Doctor Stein

In all of fiction there is no greater tale of the hubris of science than that of Doctor Stein from the Arrested Development episode “Sword of Destiny”.

Oh, Doctor Victor Frankenstein, you say? Well, that’s a damn fine point, but I’m sure there are already plenty of examinations of his mad science to be found, so let’s just roll with this.

A character who appeared in only one episode of the cult TV series, Doctor Stein was his own biggest advocate and continually evaluated his standing worldwide in the medical community. He initially introduces himself as the best doctor in the county, then in the state of California, and then downgrades to Southern California. However, if his last shown attempt at a radical procedure is successful, he thinks it may make him the best in the world.

Doctor Stein Doh

And that’s what he does, you see. Stein isn’t your average Boobooman (as the Brits call them) and doesn’t see the point in performing surgeries in the tried-and-true way.  Unnecessarily invasive surgeries and heretofore untried methods are more his style, and perhaps his best idea in the episode is to shorten Michael Bluth’s calf muscles, thus (theoretically) enhancing his jumping ability.

Doctor Stein Michael

It doesn’t appear as if this plan was a success, but he doesn’t give up and is later shown reattaching Gob’s severed index and middle fingers.

Doctor Stein Fingers

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