Zombie Round Up: First Time Again

I don’t know the last time I was this excited for a season premiere, and as always TWD did NOT disappoint. This Sunday’s episode left me on the edge of my seat, laughing, smiling, and filled with pride at times. And we’ve got 15 more episodes this year to watch the crew of TWD fight new obstacles, form new friendships, and battle more walkers. Here’s my spoiler filled review from this weekend’s TWD season 6 premiere.


For the first couple minutes of the season, I thought we were doing a flash forward several months in advance to when Rick and his crew had integrated with the members of Alexandria. Rick is standing over a quarry full of hundreds of walkers explaining how they are going to herd them away from their home and what everyone’s role in this mission is. There appears to be two large trucks on either entrance of the quarry blocking the walkers in, only letting a couple escape at a time. And as Rick gives his speech, one of the far trucks collapses down the side of the wall, letting zombies stream out en mass uncontrolled. It becomes apparent very quickly that this was supposed to just be a planning rendezvous, and the group feels drastically unprepared for actually completing the mission, but they are forced to with the walkers heading in a steady stream towards Alexandria.

that's a lot of walkers...

that’s a lot of walkers…

As I looked around at everyone in the crew I saw new faces I didn’t recognize, some I was thrilled to see (Glenn), and others I was worried about (Tara, Carol, Eugene, and Maggie for instance). Many TWD seasons start out several months after the last episode of the prior season, so I was wondering I if I might have to put together all the pieces of what happened between the death of Reg and this mission. But this episode took a bit of a different approach and filled in all the pieces nicely for us.

This episode took an alternating black and white shot scenes with color, and used the black and white scenes to fill in all the gaps of what happened in the past, nicely ending up with a black and white scene of Rick’s opening speech just before the end.


Before I give you all my opinions and ideas about what is to come, in summary Pete is buried outside the walls of Alexandria by Morgan and Rick while the two catch up and come to terms with what each of them has become. Deanna is partially broken after the loss of her son and husband, but seems to be coming to terms that Rick needs to be their tactical leader. And while burying Pete’s body Rick and Morgan come across the quarry: which is why the people of Alexandria haven’t had to deal with many walkers- they’ve all been falling in to the quarry and getting trapped there. But the trucks won’t hold for long, so Rick starts helping the town organize a plan together to herd them away from Alexandria.

The new antagonist Carter is introduced, who questions everything Rick suggests and is so upset about him taking control that he plots to kill him. He even is about to shoot Eugene who overheard their plans to kill Rick but is stopped just in the nick of time. Carter eventually falls in line behind Rick and acknowledges that his plan worked, just in time to get face chomped by a walker so that Rick has to kill him. But their plan is working out swimmingly, until the last scene when someone sets off a blaring horn from Alexandria to attract the walkers off their path and back to their community.


That’s the episode in a nut shell, but there were a lot more nuances then that. It’s interesting that Nicholas, who was dead set on murdering Glenn last season, seems to be his little puppy dog now. I know a lot of people probably think Glenn is an idiot for continuing to lie for him as well as trusting him, but I honestly think Nicholas is going to become an ally. I feel like the way he looks at Glenn now is with admiration and not animosity. The two are developing a very weird father-son type relationship where Glenn is practicing when to reprimand vs. reward Nicholas, and Nicholas seems to be doing everything he can to be acknowledged and taught by Glenn. I’m sure one of the two will not be with us by the end of the season (please be Nicholas, please be Nicholas), but I don’t think it will be because either of them betrays the other, but more likely a terribly sad scene where it’s like losing a family member when one of them dies.


Eugene is seriously the most awkward man I have ever seen, but he really does provide for some comic relief. It’s like he’s a giant Winnie the Pooh, with the best of intentions wrapped up with being awkward and dry. His joke about their hair with Heath was great, and I think Eugene and Tara are going to continue to form a very close relationship, of the sibling type of course. The two of them both have a similar dry, monotone sense of humor and they really appreciate each other.

I think the only thing that frustrated me about this episode was that several members of Rick’s crew continue to remain behind the walls of Alexandria, like Maggie and Carol. Carol is still putting on her “happy, naïve house wife” routine, which makes me want to slap that fake smile off her face. It’s really a shame since she is such an asset for the crew but with her current undercover behavior she has to pretend to not be able to know how to use a gun or be any service to anyone except handing out lemonade. And Maggie is another character that has become quite bad ass, but she’s being left behind to do play politics. Did anyone else catch that coment between her and Glenn, when Glenn came up with an excuse for her to stay behind on the run and they commented there were other reasons for it? Does anyone else think she’s going to be pregnant? Gosh I hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Don’t get me wrong, I think couple Glaggie should go down in history as one of the most strong and loving relationships of all time, but getting knocked up during the zombie apocalypse is just a dumb move.


When it came to their plan to herd the walks from the quarry to out of town, it was just great. Daryl on his motorcycle, luring the walkers forward along his path. The temporary walls they built to herd the walkers like cattle down the road. The cars lining the first road to keep them from straying in to the woods. It was all so well done. I loved it. And Michonne and Morgan’s little tit for tat moment about the peanut butter protein bar was adorable. I just adore Michonne, she is the most serious, kick ass warrior of the group, and getting a smile out of her is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so worth the journey to get it.

Of course at the very end of the episode we are all left wondering- who the hell set that horn off? My guess: Gabriel. Wish he had been taken out back and shot like Pete. I can’t wait for the week to be over so I can find out.

For those of you that have been obsessively watching the trailer for the new season like me, you probably recognized a LOT of those scenes in this episode. Which is great since it means there is going to be so much more new material in the 15 episodes to come. My bet is we get to see how Alexandria survives the hoard in the next couple episodes, and I think they will, but they will be pretty damaged and weak after that. Leaving the wolves the opportunity to come in and ambush them before they can re-fortify their community.

Until next week nerds!

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