Doctober Spotlight – Dr. Simon Tam

I don’t know about you, but I think one of my dream jobs might possibly be becoming a doctor for a space ship with the most fun loving, loyal, and rowdy crew around this half of the galaxy. It might not have been what Simon Tam was looking for, but when it comes to being all medical-like, he just rocks it.


It’s not surprising that Simon Tam was an amazing asset to the crew of Serenity. Gunshot wounds, lacerations, and burns are nothing for a top trauma surgeon from the inner planets. He might not be used to a life roughing it on the outer rim, and he’s the most awkward man in the world when it comes to flirting, but his sister’s safety comes first and if being a doctor in this less than reputable manner helps that he’s in.


He adjusts fairly well, and the crew really got a bargain with his skills. He shines when back on Ariel, jumping in at a hospital to save a dying man. And he adjusts, realizing that he can’t just be a trauma surgeon but has to be more of a generalist to help the crew in all the different aspects of medicine. The real shame is that he didn’t get to spend years aboard that ship saving the lives of the most wonderful crew in the universe.

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